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Alumni- 2005

 Kelly Arnold

Senior Project Research 
Data collection and analysis of Late Woodland figurines within the southern Illinois region. Final summary and report of data was presented at the Midwest Archaeological Conference in Dayton Ohio 2005. My project expense was funded through the Undergraduate Research Academy at SIUE. Awards received for my research include the 2005 Jeanette E. Stephens Student Paper Competition through the Illinois Archaeological Survey and the 2005 Midwest Archaeological Conference Paper Competition.

Cultural Resource Archaeologist Wood River Lab Director American Bottom Survey Division Illinois Transportation Archaeological Research Program University of Illinois at hampaign/Urbana


  • Illinois Antiquity "Southern Illinois Ceramic Figurines: A Temporal Investigation" December 2006 Vol. 41, No. 4.

Christine Boston

Degree: BA in Anthropology, 2005

Upon completeling her BA in Anthropology at SIUE, Christine Boston pursued and completed a Master of Arts degree in Bioarchaeology at the University of Western Ontario. Her thesis focused on the growth and development and paleopathological effects of arsenic on ancient northern Chilean populations.

Dr. Boston completed her PhD at the University of Western Ontario in the fall of 2007 in Bioarchaeological Sciences under the supervision of Dr. Andrew Nelson. Her PhD research focused on two different aspects of artificial cranial modification: 1) the social purpose of the practice among northern Chilean groups both geographically and temporally, and D) the biological effects of the practice and their relationship to infant and juvenile mortality.

Dr. Boston has collaborated in research with several professionals in the fields of both archaeology and physical anthropology, including Dr. Bernardo Arriaza, Dr. Marvin Allison, and Dr. Jean-Francois Millaire. She has completed field work in Chile and Peru and pursues side projects in Canada and the US. She has presented at several conferences and has been published in Peer-reviewed journals, Encyclopedia editions, and conference proceedings.

Those interested in her work or have questions about graduate school and her experiences can email her at


Chris Hogan


I graduated from the anthropology department at SIUE in May 2005. Before graduating, I was fortunate to participate in some amazing experiences, courtesy of the anthro department, that have since proved to be invaluable in my subsequent academic and professional careers. With the help and encouragement of the anthropology faculty, I went to South Africa with Dr. Dallas Browne, worked closely on my senior paper with Dr. Nancy Lutz, and won several awards while doing so. Good times!

I have done a number of fun and rewarding things since graduating from the anthro department. Shortly after receiving my degree, I worked for ITARP for seven months at the Janey B. Goode site (11S1232) in Brooklyn, IL. I wrote a Fulbright proposal to study the culture of tourism in Xiamen, China with Dr. Lavallee in the Foreign Language and Literature department; Drs. Lutz and Wilmott both provided much appreciated help in editing and reviewing my proposal. Currently, I am a graduate student in the International Studies Program at the University of Oregon. Incidentally, it was at Dr. Lutz's suggestion that I applied to UO and I have not regretted it. 

No doubt based upon my experiences in the anthro department at SIUE and my relationships with the professors there, the University of Oregon offered me a Graduate Teaching Fellowship, which I happily accepted. This includes a tuition and fee waiver as well as a monthly living stipend-very lucrative deals when you are poor graduate student such as myself! Recently, I was awarded a Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) fellowship to continue my Chinese language studies at UO. This is an equally exciting award, as it will provide the means to study Chinese under a very ample living stipend. I have also received a research internship with MercyCorps, a Portland, Oregon based non-governmental organization involved in international human rights and economic development initiatives. For this internship, I will be preparing a review of the literature concerning global climate change; I will also be reviewing the literature for the implications behind the rise of China and India as major global players. Oddly enough, it was in South Africa with Dr. Browne that I first became interested in environmental justice, climate change, and human rights; it was through my studies in Chinese at SIUE that I first encountered China's monumental environmental challenges. I credit the anthropology faculty at SIUE for instilling in me the confidence to pursue my interests and dreams-no matter how disparate and haphazard they may seem!

In my spare time, I enjoy artistic glass blowing, music, reading, hiking, tennis, and riding my bike around rainy Eugene, Oregon. I have just taken up snowboarding and am having a blast trying learning a new activity. I have an abiding interest in Buddhism-again, with thanks to Nancy Lutz for pushing me to write my senior paper on something I am truly passionate about. Live long and live mindfully.


Megan Muller


My name is Megan Mueller and I was born and raised in Belleville, Illinois. For a while I wanted to be an artist, a painter to be exact, however, by chance, I took a class in cultural anthropology during my sophomore year, which propelled my interest in anthropology. It opened my eyes to different cultures past and present from around the world. When I transferred to SIUE from Southwestern Illinois College, I changed my major from Fine Arts to Anthropology, and concentrated on archaeology from the Mississippian cultures. Outside of my course work, I researched and analyzed ceramics from Mississippian cultures at the University Museum on the SIUE campus and worked as an assistant archaeologist in the Midwest.

Later, during my senior year, I briefly leaned about museum conservation from my museology class, and decided through my experiences in archaeology and the museum that I wanted to combine the two. After graduating from SIUE with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Anthropology and minor in Art History, I worked at the St. Louis Art Museum and later completed two internships; one at The Hatton Gallery and the other at the Museum of Antiquates both in Newcastle upon Tyne, England, to build on my museum skills. Within the next school year (2007-2008), what I have planned for myself is to continue to participate on more internships concerning museum conservation, taking chemistry classes at my community college, and hopefully attend Studio Art Center International Florence for the conservation program in August 2007. From there I would like to go to the Getty Institute in Miami, and receive a Masters in Archaeology Conservation researching and working with Classical artifacts.


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