Route 66: History, Myth and Memory

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This website design was mainly a collaborative creation between Cory Willmott, (Assistant Professor of Anthropology, SIUE) and Tong Wu (graduate student in Business, SIUE) with help from Brian Kumpf (senior anthropology major, SIUE) in the early phases of development. I would also like to thank Dean Wendy Shaw (Associate Dean, College of Arts and Sciences; also of the Geography Department, SIUE) for her help with the maps. I am deeply grateful for the work that all of these individuals put into the site, without which it could not have been done. I would like to thank all the people who made this project possible and brought it to fruition, including Dr. Julie Holt (Chair, Department of Anthropology, SIUE) and Leah Wildhaber (secretary of the SIUE Anthropology Department), and most especially the students in ANTH 435 in Spring 2008!

Additional credits may be found on the students’ credit pages. These will include the people who helped them with their research such as interviewees, and in some cases permissions for images and/or other materials used in the creation of the site.

We have tried wherever possible to provide links to the sites’ own websites, and to give proper credit where it is due. If you have any information that may improve or add to our efforts to recognize and promote other Route 66 sites and websites, please contact me at the email address below. Likewise, if you have comments or questions about the content of the site, please feel free to contact me.

Cory Willmott, Department of Anthropology, SIUE

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