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2000 Senior Projects

Tina Auten Renegotiating Social Identities Among Officers' Wives: June Cleaver Doesn't Wash Flight Suits Any More

Jennifer Bass

The Cultural Effects of Mining Operations on the Navajo Reservation: A Study in Colonization

Aura Borchard Life After Conversion in a College Campus Group

Thomas Brown Slave Religion: A Historical, Cultural and Archaeological Investigation

Pat Cavanaugh A Preliminary Study of Faunal Use at the Olin Archaeological Site: Woodland vs. Mississippian

Patrick Durst What Can be Learned from Plantation Archaeology

Tracey Foley If Only I Had a Time Machine: African American Material Culture and Archaeology 1600-1800

Ryan Gifford Altered States: A Journey Through the Various Types of Trance Possession in Bali

Stacey Ramey Silent Images of Nile: A Look at Egypt's Economy Through Art

Jason Reinacher Biblical Archaeology and its Effects on Beliefs

Rhonda Schaefer Induced Dependency

Andrew Snead Non-Invasive Archaeology at Cahokia Mounds Historic Site

Bill Wollbrink Cholera: The Forgotten Scourge

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