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Medea Benjamin of Code Pink @ SIUE

Peace Activism as a Way of Life

Peace in a Time of War: A speakers and film series 2007-2008

Explore the Peace and International Studies Interdisciplinary Minor. The Peace and International Studies Minor is interdisciplinary and allows students to receive recognition for pursuing a particular concentration of courses related to the international community. This minor is especially appropriate for students planning to enter the fields of journalism, criminal justice, social services, radio or television reporting, government service, teaching, law, international business, conflict resolution, international relations or graduate studies. It is also a good minor for students interested in preparing themselves for their roles as informed citizens in a democracy. For more information visit our website.

Governor Quinn Breaks Ground for the New Science Building. It was a cold, wet evening but excitement was in the air as the crowd waited to greet Governor Pat Quinn who visited SIUE on December 2 nd to break ground for the long awaited new science building. "There's no better way to strengthen the economy than to invest in education," Quinn said. "We need to invest in SIUE, especially in science, where there are good jobs to prepare and educate our students on the rigor of the world's economy." Funding for the new science building was in question until July, when Governor Quinn promised SIUE the nearly $80 million needed for the project. The plan is to issue the bonds in the spring, start construction in May, and finish the project by November 2011.

Join the College in 'Second Life'. Second Life (SL) is an Internet-based virtual world. Just like the first (real) world there are malls, entertainment venues, cultural sites, ……. and educational institutions. Many Universities now have campuses in SL. Numerous institutions such as the University of Illinois, Princeton, and the University of Arizona have a presence on SL and CAS now has an area on 'Teaching 6' island. Second Life is a simulated, user-built world where you become an electronic person (avatar) and interact with the world and other avatars. At any one time there are typically over 70,000 people in SL each moving their avatar through the extensive world. SL has great potential to support innovation in education. Student avatars can enter an SL classroom and interact in real time with each other and the instructor. SL has multimedia and networking capabilities that educators are increasingly taking advantage of. SL improves interaction associated with distance education, and can also enhance more traditional courses. For example, instead of using a discussion thread or chat feature, a class can meet in SL and interact in virtual face-to-face. They can watch a streaming video, listen to music, look at an art gallery display, or explore the resources of the SL world together. SL doesn't replace reality but the constraints of distance can be overcome and students and teachers from across the world can come together.

Please browse our website to learn more about the opportunities that await you in the College. Take a moment to let the Dean welcome you.

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