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Desired Characteristics & Capabilities of Graduates

The College of Arts and Sciences of Southern Illinois University Edwardsville is committed to ensuring that its graduates acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to function as educated individuals, life-long learners, and responsible citizens. To these ends, the College fosters the development of the following characteristics and capabilities:

Communication – Organize and express ideas clearly and appropriately; master standard use of written and oral communication; appreciate alternative forms of expression, including art, dance, music and literature; distinguish between the medium and the message; listen, observe, interpret, and understand others.

Critical Thinking – Employ independent, objective, and rigorous reasoning; identify and integrate the elements of a task or problem; seek, organize, assimilate, synthesize, and use information; maintain a healthy skepticism; recognize the value of creativity, the limits of reason and the legitimacy of intuition.

Problem Framing and Solving – Appreciate the complexity of problems; go beyond conventional assumptions; understand parts of systems as well as the whole; recognize patterns and generalize; search and test solutions using analytical and intuitive skills; evaluate and monitor outcomes; work effectively and creatively in diverse groups.

Knowledge – Master basic facts, concepts, and literature of the arts and sciences; acquire knowledge of diverse ethical traditions and contemporary issues; develop competence in the use of technology, instrumentation, and research methods; develop expertise in a major; understand the evolution and trends of that major; acquire knowledge of career opportunities.

Integration and Application of Knowledge – Recognize and value the interconnectedness of knowledge; learn creatively from practice and experience; apply knowledge in innovative ways; appreciate, use, and promote multidisciplinary and culturally diverse perspectives; foster connections wherein knowledge serves as a bridge to new levels of understanding and insight.

Self Development – Assess personal strengths, weaknesses, and potential; develop individual goals and persevere to achieve them; build self confidence and motivation; identify and respect diverse backgrounds and viewpoints; deal effectively with change; recognize and tolerate ambiguity; develop a well-considered personal ethic that includes responsibility for actions; assume responsibility for decisions and their results.

Citizenship - Participate in the local, national, and global community; be sensitive to the welfare of others; appreciate democratic values; acquire a sense of personal and collective responsibility for the social and natural environment.

Life-long Learning - Maintain a sense of curiosity; appreciate and master the process of learning; recognize that learning is a means of fulfillment and success in one's personal and professional life.

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