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601. Romero, A. 2011ac. Anthropologist sees how cultures use medicine. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 9 September 2011, p.4.

602. Romero, A. 2011ad. SIUE prof finds Japanese culture enlightening. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 16 September 2011, p.3.

603. Romero, A. 2011ae. Arts & Issues chief Andree has had adventures. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 23 September 2011, p.3.

604. Romero, A. 2011af. Gussie Klorer uses art to help children heal. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 30 September 2011, p.3.

605. Romero, A. 2011ag. Professor finds history in our own backyards. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 7 October 2011, p.3.

606. Romero, A. 2011ah. Geography is not just for memorizing capitals. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 14 October 2011, p.3.

607. Romero, A. 2011ai. Brett Stamps brings knowledge, passion to jazz. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 21 October 2011, p.3.

608. Romero, A. 2011aj. McCracken knows ulcers and parasitic worms. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 28 October 2011, p.3.

609. Romero, A. 2011ak. DenHouter concentrates energy on oil paintings. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 5-6 November 2011, p.3.

610. Romero, A. 2011al. McGee teaches students art of persuasive writing. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 11 November 2011, p.3.

611. Romero, A. 2011am. Neath studies, teaches the uncertainties of life. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 18 November 2011, p.3.

612. Romero, A. 2011an. Theising tries to find ways to make cities better. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 25 November 2011, p.3.

613. Romero, A. 2011ao. We no longer live in a one-language world. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 2 December 2011, p.3.

614. Romero, A. 2011ap. Strand teaches the art of weaving in a new world. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 9 December 2011, p.3.

615. Romero, A. 2011aq. Williams believes insects can teach us a lot. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 16 December 2011, p.3.

616. Romero, A. 2011ar. Shaw studies the geography of affluence. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 23 December 2011, p.3.

617. Romero, A. 2011as. McClinton teaches sensitivity toward other cultures. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 30 December 2011, p.3.


618. Romero, A. 2012a. Goebl-Parker administers cure with art therapy. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 6 January 2012, p.3.

619. Romero, A. 2012b. De Meo carries on tradition of teaching chemistry. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 13 January 2012, p.3.

620. Romero, A. 2012c. Rehg studies monkeys to better understand humans. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 20 January 2012, p.3.

621. Romero, A. 2012d. Fields attempting to rescue indigenous traditions. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 27 January 2012, p.3.

622. Romero, A. 2012e. Hanson brings realism to theater productions. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 3 February 2012, p.3.

623. Romero, A. 2012f. Ackad uses powerful computers to solve problems. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 10 February 2012, p.3.

624. Romero, A. 2012g. Jackson teaches African-American life with literature. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 17 February 2012, p.3.

625. Romero, A. 2012h. Ibroscheva looks at how the media portrays women. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 24 February 2012, p.3.

626. Romero, A. 2012i. Minear teaches the art of teaching singing. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 2 March 2012, p.3.

627. Romero, A. 2012j. Jones seeks to engage students in chemistry. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 9 March 2012, p.3.

628. LaFond, L., W.A. Retzlaff  & A. Romero (Eds.). 2012. After the Academy: Memories of Teaching and Learning in the Land of Lincoln. Edwardsville: College of Arts and Sciences, SIUE.

629. Romero, A. 2012k. Ruth Slenczynska, the pianist who took her future in her hands. Pp. 33-46, In: LaFond, L., W.A. Retzlaff & A. Romero (Eds.). 2011. After the Academy: Memories of Teaching and Learning in the Land of Lincoln. Edwardsville: College of Arts and Sciences, SIUE.

630. Romero, A. 2012l. Postscript: In Academia as well, what’s Past is Prologue. Pp. 177-179, In: LaFond, L., W.A. Retzlaff  & A. Romero (Eds.). 2011. After the Academy: Memories of Teaching and Learning in the Land of Lincoln. Edwardsville: College of Arts and Sciences, SIUE.

631. Romero, A. 2012m. Davis studies gray areas of human sexuality. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 16 March 2012, p.3.

632. Romero, A. 2012n. Linguist LaFond organizes space meeting. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 23 March 2012, p.3.

633. Romero, A. 2012o. DeSpain uses latest technology to study English. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 30 March 2012, p.3.

634. Romero, A. 2012p. Harris studies African-American moments. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 6 April 2012, p.3.

635. Romero, A. 2012q. Brown studies problems of "Food Deserts". The Edwardsville Intelligencer 13 April 2012, p.3.

636. Romero, A. 2012r. Smithiger teaches the magic of percussion. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 20 April 2012, p.3.

637. Romero, A. 2012s. Brunkow studies the health of Midwest freshwaters. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 27 April 2012, p.3.

638. Romero, A. 2012t. Caves as biological spaces. Polymath 2(2):23-23 (abstract).

639. Romero, A. 2012u. Nastasia is all about interpersonal communication. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 4 May 2012, p.3.

640. Romero, A. 2012v. Johnson teaches, researches the English language. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 11 May 2012, p.3.

641. Romero, A. 2012w. SUIE's Schapman Trains Future Opera Singers.The Edwardsville Intelligencer 18 May 2012, p.3.

642. Romero, A. 2012x. Hildebrandt teaches lessons about tornadoes. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 25 May 2012, p.3.

643. Romero, A. 2012y. SIUE students visit Joplin one year later. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 01 Jun 2012, p.3.

644. Romero, A. 2012z. Cuban scholars see possibilities in relations. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 08 Jun 2012, p.3.

645. Romero, A. 2012aa. Schulz investigates threat of invasive species. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 15 Jun 2012, p.3.

646. Romero, A. 2012ab. Mann studies French and the French culture in the modern world. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 22 Jun 2012, p.3.

647. Romero, A. 2012ac. Wells teaches the music of business and jazz. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 29 Jun 2012, p.3.

648. Romero, A. 2012ad. Caves as Biological Spaces. Polymath 2(3):1-15

649. Romero, A. 2012ae. Yousef studies the physics of life and health. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 06 Jul 2012, p.3.

650. Romero, A. 2012af. Heil studies terrorism, sex trafficking in U.S. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 13 Jul 2012, p.3.

651. Romero, A. 2012ag. Hansen probes little-known aspects of Lincoln. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 20 Jul 2012, p.3.

652. Romero, A. 2012ah. Cocuzza teaches students how to be actors. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 27 Jul 2012, p.3

653. Romero, A. 2012ai. Drake sees SIUE Gardens as social service. The Edwardsville Intelligencer  3 Aug 2012, p.3

654. Romero, A. 2012aj. Zamora discusses secrets of graphic designers. The Edwardsville Intelligencer  10 Aug 2012, p.3

655. Romero, A. 2012ak. Pearson studies philosophies, ethics of science. The Edwardsville Intelligencer  17 Aug 2012, p.3

656. Romero, A. 2012al. Voss feels people need to know how nature works. The Edwardsville Intelligencer  24 Aug 2012, p.3

657. Romero, A. 2012am. Dirks-Linhorst looks at different angles of the law. The Edwardsville Intelligencer  31 Aug 2012, p.3

658. Romero, A. 2012an. For Truckenbrod, being a soprano is hard work The Edwardsville Intelligencer  7 Sep 2012, p.3

659. Romero, A. 2012ao. Jennings studies environmental pollutants The Edwardsville Intelligencer  14 Sep 2012, p.3

660. Romero, A. 2012ap. Frey-Spurlock studies women's roles in society The Edwardsville Intelligencer  21 Sep 2012, p.3

661. Romero, A. 2012aq. How people learn English as second language. The Edwardsville Intelligencer  28 Sep 2012, p.3

662. Romero, A. 2012ar. Arts & Issues brings international diversity. The Edwardsville Intelligencer  05 Oct 2012, p.3

663. Romero, A. 2012as. Wulfsong teaches, executes designs for theater The Edwardsville Intelligencer  12 Oct 2012, p.3

664. Romero, A. 2012at. Ledzewicz applies math to health sciences. The Edwardsville Intelligencer  19 Oct 2012, p.3

665. Romero, A. 2012au. For Vogrin, creative writing is a way of life. The Edwardsville Intelligencer  26 Oct 2012, p.3

666. Romero, A. and M. Morgan. 2012av. Communicating the Value of a Liberal Arts Education. 2012 CCAS Annual Meeting Program, Seattle WA, 31 October to 3 November, p.15

667. Romero, A. 2012aw. Dimick assesses the relationship of art, talent. The Edwardsville Intelligencer  02 Nov 2012, p.3

668. Romero, A. 2012ax. Oberweis studies drug problems in society. The Edwardsville Intelligencer  09 Nov 2012, p.3

669. Romero, A. & E.O. Keith (Eds.). 2012ay. New Approaches to the Study of Marine Mammals. Rijeka, Croatia: InTech. 248 pp.

670. Romero, A. 2012az. Preface. Pp. ix-xi. In: Romero, A. & E.O. Keith (Eds.). 2012. New Approaches to the Study of Marine Mammals. Rijeka, Croatia: InTech.

671. Romero, A. 2012ba. When whales became mammals: the scientific journey of cetaceans from fish to mammals in the history of science. Pp. 4-30. In: Romero, A. & E.O. Keith (Eds.). 2012. New Approaches to the Study of Marine Mammals. Rijeka, Croatia: InTech.

672. Romero, A. 2012bb. Yankee whaling in the Caribbean Basin: its impact in a historical context. Pp. 223-232. In: Romero, A. & E.O. Keith (Eds.). 2012. New Approaches to the Study of Marine Mammals. Rijeka, Croatia: InTech.

673. Romero, A. 2012bc. In Memoriam: Edward O. Keith. 16 October 1951 – 14 September 2012. Pp. 247-248. In: Romero, A. & E.O. Keith (Eds.). 2012. New Approaches to the Study of Marine Mammals. Rijeka, Croatia: InTech.

674. Romero, A. 2012bd. Maätita studies issues of motherhood, sexuality. The Edwardsville Intelligencer  16 Nov 2012, p.3

675. Romero, A. &  Nolte, K. 2012be. Charles Darwin's Bubble: The Evolution of Down House. Polymath 2(4):14-29.

676. Romero, A. 2012bf. Hamad studies, teaches properties of light. The Edwardsville Intelligencer  23 Nov 2012, p.3

677. Romero, A. 2012bg. Crane studies, teaches the philosophy of life. The Edwardsville Intelligencer  30 Nov 2012, p.3

678. Romero, A. 2012bh. Bell teaches students art of music conducting. The Edwardsville Intelligencer  7 Dec 2012, p.3

679. Romero, A. 2012bi. Maynard teaches art of journalism, television. The Edwardsville Intelligencer  14 Dec 2012, p.3

680. Romero, A. 2012bj. Minchin studies, teaches conservation issues. The Edwardsville Intelligencer  21 Dec 2012, p.3

681. Romero, A. 2012bk. Lavallee teaches and studies Chinese culture. The Edwardsville Intelligencer  28 Dec 2012, p.3


682. Romero, A. 2013a. Barnett directs the University Museum at SIUE. The Edwardsville Intelligencer  4 Jan 2013, p.3

683. Romero, A. 2013b. Carter teaches effects of inequalities in society. The Edwardsville Intelligencer  11 Jan 2013, p.3

684. Romero, A. 2013c. Theodorakis studies effects of toxic chemicals. The Edwardsville Intelligencer  18 Jan 2013, p.3

685. Romero, A. 2013d. Schaefer works to facilitate better communication. The Edwardsville Intelligencer  25 Jan 2013, p.3

686. Romero, A. 2013e. SIUE airs 100th episode of "Segue" radio show. The Edwardsville Intelligencer  01 Feb 2013, p.3

687. Romero, A. 2013f. Lyman teaches importance of scriptwriting The Edwardsville Intelligencer  08 Feb 2013, p.3

688. Romero, A. 2013g. Hicks studies power, problems of the media The Edwardsville Intelligencer  15 Feb 2013, p.3

689. Romero, A. 2013h. SIUE alum finds great talent in Cuban artists. The Edwardsville Intelligencer  22 Feb 2013, p.3

690. Romero, A. 2013i. Theater education valuable to all students The Edwardsville Intelligencer 01 Mar 2013, p.3

691. Romero, A. 2013j. Frick teaches about women in the renaissance The Edwardsville Intelligencer 08 Mar 2013, p.3

692. Romero, A. 2013k. P.R. takes on new urgency in troubled times. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 15 Mar 2013, p.3

693. Romero, A. 2013l. Shabangi wants to excite young about science.The Edwardsville Intelligencer 22 Mar 2013, p.3

694. Romero, A. 2013m. Expert: Reasons for debt partly cultural. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 29 Mar 2013, p.3

695. Romero, A. 2013n. Panel sees ESL as topic of hope, despair. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 05 Apr 2013, p.3

696. Romero, A. 2013o. Colloquium focuses on books, meaning. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 12 Apr 2013, p.3

697. Pearson, C.; R. Essner, A. Romero & J. Rehg. 2013p. Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species: Interdisciplinary Perspectives, p. 10, In: The College of Arts and Sciences 9th Annual Colloquium. April 15-16, 2013. Southern Illinois University Edwardsville.

698. Romero, A. 2013q. From Aristotle to Linnaeus: The Books that Transformed Whales into Mammals, p. 13, In: The College of Arts and Sciences 9th Annual Colloquium. April 15-16, 2013. Southern Illinois University Edwardsville.

699. Romero, A. 2013r. Cuban scientist discusses exchange with SIUE. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 19 Apr 2013, p.3

700. Romero, A. 2013s. Students of black theater break stereotypes. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 26 Apr 2013, p.3

701. Romero, A. 2013t. O'Brien studies the origins of the "moron" The Edwardsville Intelligencer 03 May 2013, p.3

702. Romero, A. 2013u. Weissinger studies impact of black churches The Edwardsville Intelligencer 10 May 2013, p.3

703. Romero, A. 2013v. Paulette studies good, bad of Colonial America. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 17 May 2013, p.3

704. Romero, A. 2013w. Murals take on new forms and purposes. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 24 May 2013, p.3

705. Romero, A. 2013x. Forensics far more than what's seen on TV. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 31 May 2013, p.3

706. Romero, A. 2013y. Miller studies Germany's economic history. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 7 June 2013, p.3

707. Romero, A. 2013z. Roles of police, military change with society. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 14 June 2013, p.3

708. Romero, A. 2013aa. 19th century literature reflects modern life. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 21 June 2013, p.3

709. Romero, A. 2013ab. Former ESTL mayor gives back to alma mater. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 28 June 2013, p.3

710. Romero, A. 2013ac. Professor: Bank rules still not tough enough. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 5 July 2013, p.3

711. Romero, A. 2013ad. Non-profits play important role in society. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 12 July 2013, p.3

712. Romero, A. 2013ae. Floating Gold: A Natural (and Unnatural) History of Ambergris. Christopher Kemp. Chicago and London: The University of Chicago Press, 2012. 187 pp. $22.50 cloth (ISBN - 13: 978-0-226-43036-2). Polymath 3(2):56. (Book review).

713. Romero, A. 2013af. Technology can be seen as driver of history. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 19 July 2013, p.3

714. Romero, A. 2013ag. Reality of chemistry is far from stereotype. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 26 July 2013, p.3

715. Romero, A. 2013ah. When substance abuse and mental illness combine. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 2 August 2013, p.3

716. Romero, A. 2013ai. Cuba trip presents surprises for SIUE student. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 9 August 2013, p.3

717. Romero, A. 2013aj. Students explore China's culture, industry. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 16 August 2013, p.3

718. Romero, A. 2013ak. Professor teaches science teachers to teach. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 23 August 2013, p.3

719. Romero, A. 2013al. Reasons for government frustration are many. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 30 August 2013, p.3

720. Romero, A. 2013am. Inequalities for women take a toll on everyone. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 6 September 2013, p.3

721. Romero, A. 2013an. Saxophone elicits passion among its players. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 13 September 2013, p.3

722. Romero, A. 2013ao. Ireland trip exposes students to turbulent history. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 20 September 2013, p.3

723. Romero, A. 2013. Louis Agassiz: Creator of American Science. Polymath 3(3):62-63.

724. Romero, A. & R. Dixon. 2013. Obituary: Kevin Johnson (1968-2013). Polymath 3(3):64-67.

725. Romero, A. 2013ap. Chemist breaks with the usual stereotypes. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 27 September 2013, p.3

726. Romero, A. 2013aq. Clothing tells important story for anthropologist. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 4 October 2013, p.3

727. Romero, A. 2013ar. Students learn more than Spanish in Spain. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 11 October 2013, p.3

728. Romero, A. 2013as. Scholar introduces SIUE students to Yoruba. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 18 October 2013, p.3

729. Romero, A. 2013at. Sustainability an issue that crosses many areas. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 25 October 2013, p.3

730. Romero, A. 2013au. Music student shares dream for native country. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 1 November 2013, p.3

731. Romero, A. 2013av. Mather explains the known and unknown universe. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 8 November 2013, p.3

732. Romero, A. 2013aw. Health communication closely tied to culture. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 15 November 2013, p.3

733. Romero, A. 2013ax. LGBT community still faces stigma, stereotypes. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 22 November 2013, p.3

734. Romero, A. 2013ay. Genetics answers questions and raises more. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 29 November 2013, p.3

735. Romero, A. 2013az. America still fascinated by its own Civil War. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 6 December 2013, p.3

736. Romero, A. 2013ba. SIUE theater students find inspiration in London. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 13 December 2013, p.3

737. Romero, A. 2013bb. Panama trip will explore biodiversity hotspot. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 20 December 2013, p.3

738. Romero, A. 2013bc. Social media's undeniable impact on journalism. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 27 December 2013, p.3


739. Romero, A. 2014a. Local sociologist studies unions and feminism. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 3 January 2014, p.3

740. Romero, A. 2014b. Climate, humans pose consequences for water. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 10 January 2014, p.3

741. Romero, A. 2014c. Suriname trip opens new cultures to students. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 17 January 2014, p.3

742. Romero, A. 2014d. To one local man, clarinet more than a "stick". The Edwardsville Intelligencer 24 January 2014, p.3

743. Romero, A. 2014e. Turkish language a bridge to understanding. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 31 January 2014, p.3

744. Romero, A. 2014f. Students embrace avant-garde theatre style. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 7 February 2014, p.3

745. Romero, A. 2014g. Diversity more than a black and white issue. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 14 February 2014, p.3

746. Romero, A. 2014h. Literature, religion influence scholar's work. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 21 February 2014, p.3

747. Romero, A. 2014i. Higher education fundraisers react to new realities. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 28 February 2014, p.3

748. Romero, A. 2014j. Identity requires more than just citizenship. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 7 March 2014, p.3

749. Romero, A. 2014k. Public administration more than just politics. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 14 March 2014, p.3

750. Romero, A. 2014l. Letters to a Young Scientist. Edward O. Wilson. New York and London: Liveright Publishing Corporation, A Division of W. W. Norton & Company, 2013. 245 pp. $21.95 cloth (ISBN 978-0-87140-377-3).  Polymath 4(1):62-63.

751. Romero, A. 2014m. Masangu Shabangi (1965-2014).  Polymath 4(1):66-69.

752. Romero, A. 2014n. Geography more than just maps and capitals. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 21 March 2014, p.3

753. Romero, A. 2014o. Poetry still has the power to carry the day. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 28 March 2014, p.3

754. Romero, A. 2014p. Lost in migration: lack of correlation between geomagnetic anomalies and cetacean strandings in the Caribbean, p. 3,  In: The College of Arts and Sciences 10th Annual Colloquium. April 2-3, 2014. Southern Illinois University Edwardsville.

755. Romero, A. 2014q. Active faunal colonization of cave: the role of natural selection, p. 11,  In: The College of Arts and Sciences 10th Annual Colloquium. April 2-3, 2014. Southern Illinois University Edwardsville.

756. Romero, A., R. Baker, J. E. Creswell, A. Singh, A. McKie & M. Manna. 2014r. Environmental history of marine mammal exploitation in Trinidad and Tobago, W.I. and its ecological impact. Pp. 93-111, In: S. Johnson (Ed.). Animals. Isle of Harris, UK: White Horse Press.

757. Romero, A. 2014s. Language is the "lens" to our understanding. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 4 April 2014, p.3

758. Romero, A. 2014t. Civil War, Lincoln engage scholars and public. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 11 April 2014, p.3

759. Romero, A. 2014u. Communication is the key to career success. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 18 April 2014, p.3

760. Romero, A. 2014v. Academic advising a key to student success. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 25 April 2014, p.3

761. Romero, A. 2014w. Band students learn music and culture on trip. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 2 May 2014, p.3

762. Romero, A. 2014x. Scholar explains recent museum boom in China. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 9 May 2014, p.3

763. Romero, A. 2014y. Scholar brings English literature to 21st century. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 16 May 2014, p.3

764. Romero, A. 2014z. Undergrads inspired by ability to do research. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 23 May 2014, p.3

765. Romero, A. 2014aa. "Art-A-Thon" celebrates importance of arts.  The Edwardsville Intelligencer 30 May 2014, p.3

766. Romero, A. 2014ab. Social work a broad, often invisible profession.  The Edwardsville Intelligencer 6 June 2014, p.3

767. Romero, A. 2014ac. Retiring professor leaves environmental legacy.  The Edwardsville Intelligencer 13 June 2014, p.3

768. Romero, A. 2014ad. French roots go deep in U.S., St. Louis history.  The Edwardsville Intelligencer 20 June 2014, p.3

769. Romero, A. 2014ae. Cuban scholar building connections locally. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 27 June 2014, p.3

770. Romero, A. 2014af. Theater education includes acting, promotion. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 4 July 2014, p.3

771. Romero, A. 2014ag. Book preservation still important in digital age. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 11 July 2014, p.3

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774. Romero, A. 2014aj. Music education is a key to student success. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 18 July 2014, p.3

775. Romero, A. 2014ak. Communication key to world, family relations. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 25 July 2014, p.3

776. Romero, A. 2014al. Failures require new thoughts on crime. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 1 August 2014, p.3

777. Romero, A. 2014am. Historian studies World War I-era lunching. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 8 August 2014, p.3

778. Romero, A. 2014an. Theater degrees prepare students for careers. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 15 August 2014, p.3

779. Romero, A. 2014ao. Speakers, artists open SIUE to the community. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 22 August 2014, p.3

780. Romero, A. 2014ap. Black studies programs aid in understanding U.S. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 29 August 2014, p.3

781. Romero, A. 2014aq. Economies and cultures can't be separated. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 5 September 2014, p.3

782. Romero, A. 2014ar. Teaching students to overcome a fear of math. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 12 September 2014, p.3

783. Romero, A. 2014as. Some languages in Nepal are in danger of disappearing. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 19 September 2014, p.3

784. Romero, A. 2014at. Technology no substitute for video shooting skill. The Edwardsville Intelligencer 26 September 2014, p.3


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