College of Arts and Sciences STELLAR Student Recognition Program

Meet Our STELLAR Students

Chase Halsne - Anthropology
Emily Warf - Anthropology
David Gallaher - Applied Communication Studies
James T. Moss - Applied Communication Studies
Ryan Mossor - Applied Communication Studies
Kyle Stepp - Applied Communication Studies
Maddie Aunger - Art and Design
Shelby Fleming - Art and Design
Britney Walden - Art and Design
Luke Brown - Biological Sciences
Rachel Helgen - Biological Sciences
Brooke Kottkamp - Biological Sciences
Amanda Markovich - Biological Sciences
Michele Thole - Biological Sciences
Breanna Blackwell - Chemistry
Hailey Bowen - Chemistry
Abbie Fox - Chemistry
Jacob Keown - Chemistry
Samantha Wilhelm - Chemistry
Dinko Mustedanagic - Criminal Justice Studies
Kaitlyn Auer - English Language and Literature
Dylan Brinkmann - Foreign Languages
Chase Tiffany - Foreign Languages
Ellie Vondohlen - Foreign Languages
Michael Belmonte - Geography
Anna Myers - Geography
Richard Wosylus - Geography
Emily Deahr - Historical Studies
Michelle Miller - Historical Studies
Aaron Winenger - Historical Studies
Mattie Malone - International Studies
Rachel Thurston - International Studies
Sydney Dunn     Mass - Communications
James T. Moss - Mass Communications
Kelly Buch - Mathematics and Statistics
John Heeg - Mathematics and Statistics
Charles Prager - Music
Felicia Johler - Philosophy
Johnathan Meeth - Philosophy
Valerie Becker - Physics
Justin Deterding - Physics
Francisco Lagunas - Physics
Jeremy Thurston - Physics
Carson Dodd - Political Science
Alexandra Hurley - Political Science
Aliyah Price - Political Science
Taylor Dichsen - Social Work
Ian Kinney - Social Work
Sarah Scribner - Social Work
Ashley Williams - Social Work
Sydney Cook - Sociology
Peggy Manne - Sociology
Anjenette Webster - Sociology
Summer Baer - Theater and Dance
Emma Hersom - Theater and Dance
Courtney Littell - Theater and Dance
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