College of Arts and Sciences STELLAR Student Recognition Program

Meet Our STELLAR Students

Chase Halsne (Anthropology) Emily Warf (Anthropology) David Gallaher (Applied Communication Studies) James T. Moss (Applied Communication Studies & Mass Communications) Maddie Aunger (Art and Design) Shelby Fleming (Art and Design) Britney Walden (Art and Design) Brroke Kottkamp (Biological Sciences) Abbie Fox (Chemistry) Samantha Wilhelm (Chemistry) Dinko Mustedanagic (Criminal Justice Studies) Kaitlyn Auer (English Language and Literature) Dylan Brinkman (Foreign Languages and Literature) Chase Tiffany (Foreign Languages and Literature) Ellie Vondohlen (Foreign Languages and Literature) Emily Deahr (Historical Studies) Michelle Miller (Historical Studies) Aaron Winenger (Historical Studies) Sydney Dunn (Mass Communications) James Moss (Mass Communications and Applied Speech Communication) Kelly Buch (Mathematics and Statistics) John Heeg (Mathematics and Statistics) Allison Taylor (Mathematics and Statistics) Charles Prager (Music) Jonathan Meeth (Philosophy) Aliyah Price (Philosophy) Francisco Lagunas (Physics) Jeremy Thurston (Physics) Taylor Dichsen (Social Work) Ian Kinney (Social Work) Summer Baer (Theater and Dance) Emma Hersom (Theater and Dance) Courtney Littell (Theater and Dance) For more information about the STELLAR program Contact: E-mail: Wendy Shaw
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