College of Arts and Sciences STELLAR Student Recognition Program

Meet Our STELLAR Students

We are starting to get to know our STELLAR Students. Recently we met the following STELLAR students to discuss the new program, and we look forward to continuing conversations. Mariah Huelsman (Anthropology) Danielle MacDonald (Anthropology) Jessica Stanley-Asselmeier (Anthropology) Alex Taitt (Anthropology) Danica Balbach (Biological Sciences) Veronica Heintz (Biological Sciences) Mitchell Kramer (Biological Sciences) Victoria Francis (Chemistry) Courtney Hake (English Language and Literature) Abagail Thompson (English Language and Literature) Emma Kuester (Foreign Languages and Literature [German] & Biological Sciences) Hannah Wrigley (Foreign Languages and Literature [Spanish]) James Bowers (Geography) Tanya Jonic (Geography Kelsey Maves (Geography) Nasir Almasri (Historical Studies & Political Science) Julie Burdick (Historical Studies) Andrew Pashea (Historical Studies & Economics) Emily Reller (Historical Studies) Jordyn Harriger (Mathematics and Statistics) Erica Metheney (Mathematics and Statistics) Luke Settles (Mathematics and Statistics) Tom Teague (Mathematics and Statistics) Marie Brown (Music) Doug McCausland (Music) Robert Budron (Philosophy) Erin Gross (Political Science) Amina Musa (Social Work) Monica Shallow (Social Work) Paula Tarbell (Social Work) Tiffannie Vinson (Social Work & Spanish) Ryan Jouett (Sociology and Criminal Justice Studies) Dawn Embry (Speech Communication & Political Science) Teagan Smith (Speech Communication) Kourtnee Brenner (Theater and Dance) Teryl Thurman (Theater and Dance & Psychology) Ryan Wiechmann (Theater and Dance) For more information about the STELLAR program Contact: E-mail: Larry LaFond
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