THIS WEEK #323 Randy Pembrook/Ed Hightower "Hightower reflects on Dynamic Career" Read the Article published 2 March 2018.

#322 Greg Budzban/Ed Ayers & Erik Alexander "Lincoln, Slavery, and the Civil War" Read the Article published 23 February 2018.

#321 Randy Pembrook/Kendall Norris "Chancellor talks STEM with Norris" Read the Article published 16 February 2018.

#320 Greg Budzban/Guy Bluford "Retired Astronaut to speak at Arts & Issues" Read the Article published 30 January 2018. Read the Article published 9 February 2018.

#319 Randy Pembrook/Peter Maer "Maer Remembers his SIUE Experiences" Read the Article from February 2, 2018.

#318 Greg Budzban/Mariel Schroeder "Schroeder Lauded for Outstanding Thesis" Read the Article from January 26, 2018.

#317 Greg Budzban/Megan Robb "Art Therapy Program grows at SIUE" Read the Article from January 19, 2018.

#316 Randy Pembrook/Shonta Smith "Embodying King's Ideals through Education" Read the Article from January 12, 2018.

#315 Randy Pembrook "Ruth Slenczynska returns to play at SIUE" Read the Article from January 5, 2018.

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