Episode 239: Greg Budzban interviews Matt Schunke on Spirituality & Religion in the Modern World
AIRED 27 December 2015

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Episode 238: Steve Hansen Interviews Jerry Weinberg, Dean of the Graduate School
AIRED 20 December 2015

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Gregory Budzban interviews Dennis Mares and Ken Moffett: Climate Change & Interpersonal Violence
AIRED 13 December 2015

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Interim Chancellor Stephen Hansen interviews Dr. Hasan Sevim, Dean of the School of Engineering
AIRED 6 December 2015

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Dean Gregory Budzban hosts a Nature Preserve Round-table with David Jennings, Michele Lorenzini, Kurt Schulz, and Peter Minchin.
AIRED 29 November 2015

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Steve Hansen and Denise Cobb: What is a Provost?
AIRED 22 November 2015

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Greg Budzban with Edward Ackad: Ultra-intense light/matter interactions
AIRED 15 November 2015

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Steve Hansen with Ken Neher: From the Air Force to Academia
AIRED 8 November 2015

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Greg Budzban with Elza Ibroscheva: Gender Media and its effect on Women in Politics
AIRED 1 November 2015

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Steve Hansen with Jeffrey Waple: The Shape of the Future
AIRED 25 October 2015

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Sharon McGee and Anushiya Ramaswamy: Translating Human Experience Through Literature
AIRED 18 October 2015

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Steve Hansen and Rachel Stack: The Foundation at SIUE
AIRED 11 October 2015

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Greg Budzban and Steve Hansen: Educational Attainment and Careers in Academia
AIRED 04 October 2015

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Tom Lavalee with faculty members: Teaching Spanish to Health Care Professionals
AIRED 12 July 2015

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Segue Episode #225 Steve Hansen with Craig Eversman & Michael Strope
"Applying Research to Real World Problems"
AIRED 3 July, 2015

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Jeffrey Skoblow: Understanding the Process Behind Reading
AIRED 28 June 2015

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Dana Henry, Trish Oberweis, Catherine Seltzer, and Alyson Spurgas: Sexual assaults too frequent during the college years
AIRED 14 June 2015

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Mike Shaw and George Richter-Addo: The role of universities in our society
AIRED 07 June 2015

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Segue Episode #220 Steve Hansen & Howard Rambsy II
"Working with Eugene Redmon & Other Great Writers"
AIRED 31 May, 2015

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Kutan: Euro is part of a political agenda
AIRED 24 May 2015 Listen now

The Lyceum aims discussion at philosophy
AIRED 17 May 2015

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Thad Duhigg: Sculpture on Campus program returns for 2015
AIRED 10 May 2015 Listen now

Instructors Take Unique Paths to Geography
AIRED 3 May 2015 Listen now

Eric Wrobbel: Understanding Communication From Oprah to Twitter
AIRED 26 April 2015 Listen now

Anthropology Students: Teaching and Using Anthropology in the Modern World
AIRED 19 April 2015 Listen now

Bryan Jack: A Number of Historic Events Commemorated This Year
AIRED 12 April 2015 Listen now

Zenia Agustin: The Mathematics of Life, Survival, and the "Goodness-of-Fit"
AIRED 5 April 2015 Listen now

Sophia Wilson: Why is Russia so involved in the Ukraine?
AIRED 29 March 2015 Listen now

Andy Bartlett: Statisticians listen and give a voice to data
AIRED 23 March 2015 Listen now

Sorin Nastasia and Isaac Blankson: Online Master's Program in Public Relations
AIRED 15 March 2015 Listen now

Vera McCoy-Sulentic: The story behind SIUE's Suzuki Program
AIRED 8 March 2015 Listen now

Kathryn Bentley: Theater can be a thinking, learning experience
AIRED 1 March 2015 Listen now

Darron Luesse: SIUE plant growth research returns to earth
AIRED 22 February 2015 Listen now

Jayme Swanke: Social Work in Action
AIRED 15 February 2015 Listen now

Adam Weyhaupt: Chair and Professor of Mathematics and Statistics
AIRED 8 February 2015 Listen now

Charles Berger: Books, Reading, and Writing for Education
AIRED 1 February 2015 Listen now

Steve Tamari: Educating on the Middle East
AIRED 25 January 2015 Listen now

Urszula Ledzewicz: Distinguished Research Professor of Mathematics
AIRED 18 January 2015 Listen now

Aldemaro Romero: 200th Segue Episode
AIRED 4 January 2015 Listen now
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