Thad Duhigg: Sculpture on Campus program returns for 2015
AIRED 10 May 2015

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Thad Duhigg, professor of sculpture, talks about the Sculpture on Campus program.

Instructors Take Unique Paths to Geography
AIRED 3 May 2015

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Dr. Michael Shouse, Dr. Stacey Brown, and Dr. Adriana Martinez talk with Dr. Gillian Acheson, Chair of the Department of Geography, about the different paths they took to geography.

Eric Wrobbel: Understanding Communication From Oprah to Twitter
AIRED 26 April 2015

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Dr. Eric "Duff" Wrobbel, Associate Professor in the Department of Applied Communication Studies, talks with Dr. Stephen Hansen, Interim Dean in the College of Arts and Sciences, about how today's communication can be made most effective.

Anthropology Students: Teaching and Using Anthropology in the Modern World
AIRED 19 April 2015

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Dr. Jen Rehg, Chair of the Department of Anthropology, talks with graduates Erin Finney and Miranda Yancey-Bailey about the value of anthropology in the "real world" and in everyday life.

Bryan Jack: A Number of Historic Events Commemorated This Year
AIRED 12 April 2015 Listen now

Zenia Agustin: The Mathematics of Life, Survival, and the "Goodness-of-Fit"
AIRED 5 April 2015 Listen now

Sophia Wilson: Why is Russia so involved in the Ukraine?
AIRED 29 March 2015 Listen now

Andy Bartlett: Statisticians listen and give a voice to data
AIRED 23 March 2015 Listen now

Sorin Nastasia and Isaac Blankson: Online Master's Program in Public Relations
AIRED 15 March 2015 Listen now

Vera McCoy-Sulentic: The story behind SIUE's Suzuki Program
AIRED 8 March 2015 Listen now

Kathryn Bentley: Theater can be a thinking, learning experience
AIRED 1 March 2015 Listen now

Darron Luesse: SIUE plant growth research returns to earth
AIRED 22 February 2015 Listen now

Jayme Swanke: Social Work in Action
AIRED 15 February 2015 Listen now

Adam Weyhaupt: Chair and Professor of Mathematics and Statistics
AIRED 8 February 2015 Listen now

Charles Berger: Books, Reading, and Writing for Education
AIRED 1 February 2015 Listen now

Steve Tamari: Educating on the Middle East
AIRED 25 January 2015 Listen now

Urszula Ledzewicz: Distinguished Research Professor of Mathematics
AIRED 18 January 2015 Listen now

Aldemaro Romero: 200th Segue Episode
AIRED 4 January 2015 Listen now
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