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Tuition and Fees Q&A

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Why does tuition rise?
There are several factors. One is the fact that SIUE's costs increase from one year to the next. Also, even though state appropriations are a substantial portion of our funding, state support is subject to economic conditions in the state. If we are to continue to provide a quality education for our students, we have to make up for some of the recent decreases in state appropriations.
What is guaranteed tuition?
In 2004, Illinois passed a law designed to help undergraduate students and their parents budget for tuition. Under the new law, tuition rates are fixed for four years. The Guaranteed Tuition Plan formalizes a philosophy that has been in place for years at SIUE. Historically, our Board of Trustees has projected tuition at least three years out so that students and parents have an idea of what to expect and budget for.
Will all students pay the same tuition rate?
No. Under the Guaranteed Tuition Plan, undergraduate students pay the same tuition rate for four years. Each entering class will likely pay slightly more than the class that entered the previous year, but that rate, too, will be fixed for four years.
What if a student drops out in the middle of the four-year guaranteed tuition cycle then returns a year later?
Once the clock starts running, it runs for four years.
How do SIUE's tuition and fees compare to those of other Illinois colleges and universities?
Historically, accessibility has been one of the tenets of SIUE's mission. We have provided a quality education at rates that are at or below the average for all other four-year public colleges and universities in Illinois.
What about out-of-state students who establish residency, becoming in-state students?
Out-of-state undergraduate students who move to Illinois and establish residency for at least six months immediately preceding the beginning of any term at SIUE can claim Illinois residency by completing a Reclassification of Residency form and providing the required documents. Under guaranteed tuition, these out-of-state students who become in-state students will pay the in-state guaranteed tuition rate in effect for the semester they originally enrolled. For example, if an undergraduate student enters in fall 2006 as an out-of-state student and establishes residency in time for fall semester 2007, he/she would pay the fall 2006 in-state guaranteed tuition rate for the next three years. The Reclassification of Residency form is found on the Registrar's web site,
What about graduate students?
Graduate students are not included in the guaranteed tuition plan. But remember that guaranteed tuition is designed to "guarantee" students and their parents a fixed cost for four years for the purposes of budgeting for education. The SIU Board has long held a similar philosophy. By projecting tuition rates two years beyond the current year, the board creates a basis for students and parents to plan their education budget. The board will continue to use this approach for current students not covered by guaranteed tuition.
What about undergraduate international students?
Undergraduate international students pay the out-of-state rate; new international undergraduate students are on the Guaranteed Tuition Plan.
What about undergraduate students who want to take just one class?
Under guaranteed tuition, there is no distinction between new undergraduate students taking a full-time course load, and new students taking only one class; both are covered under guaranteed tuition.
Does the Guaranteed Tuition Plan apply to transfer students?
Yes, guaranteed tuition rates apply up to 4 years for a transfer student, provided that student is a new admit to SIUE.
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