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Alumni Ambassadors - What's That?

Remember the excitement of filling out that first college application (and the drudgery of filling out that third one), receiving your acceptance letter, entering your first class, and graduating?

As one of more than 70,000 SIUE alumni, you can help ease SIUE's prospective and newly accepted students through this process. As an Alumni Ambassador, you will be giving back to your alma mater, and giving those students following in your footsteps the benefit of your knowledge, experience, and successes.

The Office of Admissions views Alumni Ambassadors as a valuable resource in promoting SIUE and recruiting a diverse student body while fostering increased alumni involvement in the university.

Thank you for volunteering your valuable time.

Here are some of the ways you might help the Office of Admissions reach out to prospective SIUE students:

  • Adopt a High School.
    Introducing yourself to a local high school and provide updated SIUE materials to help ensure that prospective students and their counselors get their questions answered and stay up to date on opportunities at SIUE.
  • Present a Scholarship.
    Present a scholarship on behalf of SIUE at your local high school.
  • Call or e-mail local students.
    Congratulate new students on their admission, offer to answer their questions, and share a story or two from your days at SIUE.
  • Participate in Chat SIUE as a special guest.
    Give prospective and admitted students a first-person account of your time at SIUE during one of our monthly online chat sessions, along with admission counselors, staff members, and current students.
  • Represent SIUE at local college fairs.
    Help our admission counselors at community college and high school fairs; answer students' questions about admissions and life as a student at SIUE.
  • Share your SIUE experiences.
    Serve on an informational panel during visit days and new student programs.
  • Refer prospective students to SIUE.
    Gather information from prospective students and pass it along to the Alumni Ambassadors coordinator via the Web.

What is the time commitment?

That's up to you. You might spend five minutes on the phone congratulating a newly admitted student, or an evening at a college fair talking to prospective students. We'll work around your schedule, but we ask that you participate in at least one capacity each year..

Will I receive training and specific information?

Absolutely! Now celebrating its 50th anniversary, SIUE has grown, and grown up, over the years. We'll bring you up to date and provide you with the knowledge you need.