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Getting Advised Requirements by Major Minors Transferring Courses

Requirements by Major

The checklists below are to be used in conjunction with the appropriate General Education Program

93 General Education Program
For students entering
prior to Fall 2012

Lincoln Program Year 1
General Education for students entering
Fall 2012 -Summer 2013

Lincoln Program Year 2
General Education for students entering
Fall 2013 -Summer 2014

Lincoln Program Year 3
General Education for students entering
Fall 2014 -Summer 2015

College of Arts and Sciences

Anthropology (BA/BS)

Art Education (BS)
Art History (BA)
Studio Art (BA)

Biological Sciences - Ecology, Evolution, & Environment (BA/BS)
Biological Sciences - Genetic & Cellular Biology (BA/BS)
Biological Sciences - Integrative Biology (BA/BS)
Biological Sciences - Medical Sciences (BA/BS)
Biological Sciences - Medical Technology (BA/BS)
Biological Sciences - Secondary Education Certification (BS)

Biochemistry (BA)
Biochemistry - ACS (BS)
Chemistry ACS (BS)
Chemistry-Basic (BA)
Chemistry - Basic (BS)
Chemistry - Forensic (BA)
Chemistry- Forensic ACS (BS)
Chemistry Medical Science (BA)
Chemistry - Secondary Education Certification (BS)

Criminal Justice Studies (BA/BS)

Earth & Space Science - Secondary Ed Certification (BS)

Economics (BA/BS)

English (BA)
English - Secondary Education Certification (BA)

Foreign Languages and Literature - French (BA)
Foreign Languages and Literature-French -Secondary Education Certification (BA)
Foreign Language & Literature - German (BA)
Foreign Language & Literature-German -Secondary Education Certification (BA)
Foreign Language & Literature - Spanish (BA)
Foreign Language & Literature-Spanish -Secondary Education Certification (BA)

Geography (BA/BS)
Geography - Secondary Education Certification (BA/BS)

History (BA/BS)
History - Secondary Education Certification (BA/BS)

Liberal Studies (BLS)

Mass Communications (BA/BS)

Mathematical Sciences (BA/BS)
Mathematics - Actuarial Science (BA/BS)
Applied Mathematics (BA/BS)
Mathematics-Secondary Education Certification (BS)
Statistics (BA/BS)

Music (BA)
Music Business (BM)
Music - Instrumental Performance (BM)
Music - Jazz Performance (BM)
Music - Piano Performance (BM)
Music - Voice Performance (BM)
Music Education - Instrumental (BM)
Music Education - Voice (BM)
Music - Theory and Comp (Composition Emphasis) (BM)
Music - Theory and Comp (Theory Emphasis) (BM)
Music - History /Literature (BA)

Philosophy (BA/BS)

Physics (BA/BS)

Political Science (BA/BS)
Political Science - Secondary Education Certification (BA/BS)

Social Work (BSW)

Sociology (BA/BS)
Sociology: Employment Relations (BA/BS)

Speech Communication (BA/BS)

Theater & Dance: Dance Emphasis (BA/BS)
Theater & Dance: Design/Technical (BA/BS)
Theater History/Literature/Criticism (BA)
Theater Performance (BA/BS)
Theater - Secondary Education Certification (BA/BS)

School of Business

Accountancy (BSA)

Business Administration (BS)
Computer Management Information Systems
General Business Administration
Human Resource Management
International Business

Computer Management & Information Systems (BS)

Economics & Finance (BS)

School of Dental Medicine
Combined Program in Dentistry (BS/DMD)- First Three Years

School of Education
Health Education-Community Health(BS)
Early Childhood Education (BS)
Elementary Education K-9 Certification (BS)
Exercise Science (BS)
Psychology (BA/BS)
Special Education (BS)
Speech-Language Pathology & Audiology (BA/BS)

School of Engineering
Civil Engineering (BS)
Computer Engineering (BS)
Computer Science (BA)
Computer Science (BS)
Construction Management (BS)
Construction Management
- Land Surveying Specialization (BS)
Electrical Engineering (BS)
Industrial Engineering (BS)
Mechanical Engineering (BS)

School of Nursing
Nursing (BSN)

School of Pharmacy

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