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Denise Cobb

Susan Wiediger

Lynn Maurer

Leah O'Brien

Danice Brown

Christa Johnson

The SIUE ADVANCE team is led by principle investigator Denise Cobb joined by co-investigators Lynn Maurer, Leah O'Brien, Sue Wiediger, and Christa Johnson. Plans are underway to (a) compile and analyze baseline data regarding women's representation and advancement in STEM discipline; (b) carry out institutional buy-in activities and strategies, especially among departmental chairs; (c) conduct targeted surveys, qualitative interviews, and concept mapping to better understand our current climate and the impact of recent changes on women faculty; (d) analyze current policies; (e) conduct site visits to campuses with successful NSF ADVANCE awards; and (f) offer events on campus to promote awareness of issues relevant to creating gender equity on campus.

Denise Cobb, Associate Professor, Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice

Cobb will be the lead investigator on the team. Her areas of expertise include Organizational Sociology and Research Methodologies. Denise will be involved in the project design and implementation as well as general oversight of all activities. She has significant experience in managing large-scale research projects. As project leader, she will also coordinate internal evaluation activities and work closely with the external evaluator to assess project success. Given her background in survey research, she will be our primary liaison with our survey consultants. Additionally, she will work closely with the Office of Institutional Research to secure appropriate data, a process she has already begun, and develop processes for securing data from departments and colleges/units for validity checks. She will oversee and conduct analysis of these institutional data. She will also have lead responsibility for reporting.

Lynn Maurer, Professor, Department of Political Science; Associate Dean, The Graduate School

Lynn Maurer's research interests include Institutional Development in Politics, Public Policy Making Power in Committees, and Parliamentary Influence in the Spanish Congress. Lynn recently completed six years as Chair of the Department of Political Science, and is an active member of the interdisciplinary Women's Studies Program. Given her experience as Chair, she will be our primary liaison with department Chairs. Additionally, she will be the lead researcher for qualitative data collection, interview training and procedures, interviews, interview analysis, focus groups and synthesis of institutional information.

Leah O'Brien, Professor, Department of Chemistry

Leah O'Brien's research interests are in molecular spectroscopy and synthesis of gas-phase, metal-containing radicals. She is an active member in the St. Louis Section of the American Chemical Society, where she started a Women Chemist's Group over ten years ago. She will be the main coordinator for several of the proposed activities, such as inviting and hosting speakers, chairing panel sessions at our annual College Symposium, and generally working to raise awareness of the project activities on campus.

Sue Wiediger, Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry

Sue Wiediger's research interests are in chemistry education, with special emphasis on topic maps and pattern languages. She will be integrally involved with interview preparations, interviews, development and analysis of the concept map section of the interview, focus groups, and assessment of planned activities. Additionally, Sue's expertise in pattern languages will be of importance during the ultimate analysis and synthesis of institutional information.

Danice Brown, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology

Danice L. Brown received her Ph.D in Counseling Psychology from The Ohio State University in 2008. She is currently a professor in the Clinical Adult Psychology Graduate Program at SIUE. Her research interests include African American resiliency, racial socialization, racial discrimination, and multicultural issues in psychotherapy and higher education.

Christa Johnson, Associate Dean for Research, The Graduate School

Christa Johnson will be reviewing outcomes of previous ADVANCE sites, and subsequently arranging for site visits to appropriate institutions (GVSU and UM Ann Arbor). She will be our regular liaison with the Office of the Provost, with Institutional Research, and the Women's Studies Program. Her position as Associate Dean for Research (in the Graduate School) is vital to ensuring diversity on selection panels for internal funding and awards, support for collaborative research, writing assistance on external proposals, and equitable PR for award recipients.

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