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Financial Aid

Loans and Grants

Stafford Federal loans, PLUS loans, alternative loans, and the Pell grant can be awarded for SIUE study abroad programs. The MAP grant does not apply toward study abroad.


Students who receive SIUE Academic Merit Scholarships (Meridian, Johnetta Haley, and Cougar Pride) for study at SIUE may elect to use one semester of their scholarship toward study abroad. The Meridian Scholarship carries a value of $5,000 for one semester study abroad equivalent to at least 12 credit hours at SIUE. When applied toward a 12 credit minimum semester of study abroad, the Cougar Pride and Johnetta Haley Scholarships carry an award value equivalent to the scholarship award amount the student receives for study on campus at SIUE.

The SIUE Academic Merit scholarships will be applied to the student's financial aid award for the semester abroad.

Early in the application process, all students are encouraged to explore scholarship opportunities specifically for study abroad.

Budget Form

Students with a FAFSA on file for the current academic year may submit a "Study Abroad Student Request for Assistance" form completed with detailed information on study abroad costs associated with program to which the student is applying. This form is available in the Financial Aid Office and in the Study Abroad Office. There are fixed costs and estimated costs associated with our programs.

The figures listed on this form include:

  • Round-trip airfare
  • Program fee, if applicable
  • Tuition and fees (host or SIUE)
  • Housing
  • Meals
  • Books and supplies
  • Personal expenses
  • Transportation within foreign country
  • Insurance
  • Passport & student visa expenses


The form must be completed and signed by a student's Study Abroad Advisor for a semester long program or by the faculty leader for SIUE Short Term Faculty-Led Programs.

Financial Need and Eligibility

The same criteria that are used to determine financial need for students studying on campus are applied to those studying abroad. Regardless of the actual study abroad program costs, the expected family contribution (EFC) will not differ from what it would be if the student were remaining on campus. Therefore, if the study abroad program costs are greater than the cost of studying on campus at SIUE, the student's financial need will be greater.

The Process and Timeline

  1. Register for study abroad courses at SIUE for the semester abroad once you have been accepted to your program. Refer to the registration schedule to understand when registration opens and to plan accordingly.

    A) SIUE Faculty Led Short Term Programs: Obtain Registration Form with instructor approval and submit to the Service Center to register in the course(s) associated with your program.

    B) Study abroad on a semester or summer affiliate, direct placement, or exchange programs: After receiving documentation of your official acceptance, your Study Abroad Advisor will register you at SIUE for study abroad. Meet with your study abroad advisor or program faculty leader to complete the Study Abroad Student Request for Assistance Form. Submit the "Study Abroad Student Request for Assistance" form to the SIUE Financial Aid Office as soon as possible AFTER you are registered for your study abroad hours.

  2. Study Abroad Programs with a total budget that is GREATER than the cost of attendance at SIUE will have loan eligibility increased (this is often in the form of alternative loans) to meet the new budget for the semester abroad.

  3. Financial Aid award will post on CougarNet. View and accept your financial aid award on CougarNet.

  4. First time loan borrowers will need to complete promissory note and entrance counseling within two weeks of receipt. Promissory note (EMPN) and entrance counseling are also completed on-line.

  5. Receive SIUE financial aid refund minus any current or outstanding charges on your SIUE account. The disbursement date of financial aid refunds are tied to the semester abroad and the SIUE financial aid disbursement date for that semester (Friday before SIUE classes begin):

  • Fall semester: disbursed in late August
  • Spring semester: disbursed in early January
  • Summer semester: disbursed in late May

Short-Term Loans

Students departing PRIOR to the SIUE financial aid disbursement date may apply for a "short term loan" through the Office of Financial Aid. The Financial Aid Office will only consider short term loan requests for students whose required departure date/program start date is verified by the Study Abroad Office to be PRIOR to the SIUE financial aid disbursement date. The short term loan allows students to receive a loan from SIUE in the amount of the approved financial aid award (minus any outstanding SIUE bill) before they depart for their study abroad. When the student's financial aid pays in, SIUE keeps those funds.

Registration Requirement for Summer Semester: Students must be enrolled in minimum of 6 credit hours to be eligible for Summer semester financial aid (loans and grants). This can be a total of 6 credit hours for study abroad or a combination of on-campus and study abroad hours totaling 6 or more credit hours.

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