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10 Steps to Study Abroad
Megan in Spain

"The four months I studied abroad in Spain helped me gain a well-rounded education, changed my career path, and helped create solid life goals. Over the course of the semester I learned a set of skills that my parents or teachers could never give me. Traveling and meeting people from all parts of the world helped me gain a new perspective on American culture as well as a sensitivity and adaptability to other cultures. I found myself in new places, meeting new people, and experiencing life like I never thought I could. The knowledge that I gained during this seemingly short period of time in my college career truly changed me as a person forever. I will always remember that semester in Spain as a definitive moment in my life and my career at SIUE."

- Megan Pitcher
Alicante, Spain
Fall 2011

  1. Use this Website!
    This website is designed as a tool to help guide you through the process of selecting and applying to a study abroad program. It will give you an overview of the SIUE programs and processes. Hopefully it will also answer many questions you have now as well as shed light on many topics as you prepare for study abroad.
  2. Define your goals for study abroad.
    Use the "What Matters Most to Me" goals worksheet to identify your goals for study abroad. What do you hope to achieve while abroad?
  3. Apply for a passport!
    If you don't already have a passport, apply for one today! The Before You Leave section has more information on how, where and when you should apply for a passport.
  4. Research program options.
    With more than 150 programs to choose from, deciding on the right study abroad program takes research, time and reflection. Use the Program Search (hyperlink) to research available programs. The Understanding Program Types page will help you in this process also.
  5. Meet with your Academic Advisor.
    Discuss how your proposed study abroad coursework will fit with your remaining SIUE degree requirements. Make a plan for graduation that includes study abroad. Make sure you have a clear list of your remaining SIUE degree requirements to bring to your initial meeting with a study abroad advisor.
  6. Meet with a Study Abroad advisor or the faculty leader.
    Once you have done your research and identified your goals for study abroad, meet with a study abroad advisor to discuss your program(s) of interest BEFORE beginning work on the application. For SIUE short term faculty led programs, meet with the program faculty leader.
  7. Plan a realistic budget for study abroad.
    Use the Budget Planning Worksheet to plan a realistic budget for program(s) of interest. Be sure to check out financial aid and scholarships.
  8. Apply!
    Be sure to submit your application and supporting documents by the application deadlines.
  9. Prepare!
    Carefully review the Before You Leave section of the website and attend your Study Abroad Pre-Departure Orientation Program and/or any other meetings/classes associated with your particular program.
  10. Pack your bags, grab your passport and get on the plane!
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