Participant Responses to the Core Model - Questions 1 and 2


1.) What are the strengths of the integrated core proposal?



2). What would make the integrated core proposal even better?


Gen Ed. committee to make sure integrated courses are delivered in the way

envisioned by the plan

2) No foreign language requirement – a must in today's world

3) How will the skills teacher reinforce course content (of the integrated one) without specialized knowledge of fine arts, philosophy, etc.? Not all writing

instructors are trained to teach a wide area of subjects.

4) Issues for transfer students


- needs more on how to get these skills needed to create such classes

-significant reallocation of funds to do this???

-recruit those w/ experience

- trainers brought in

- add back a foreign language requirement

- not necessarily learning a specific language but a “lang

communication/culture awareness courses.


- how can this be an advantage for students

- necessary to train faculty on team teaching techniques

- no foreign language or history

•  No opportunity for taking these at a CC over the summer

•  Difficult to take over the summer at SIUE along with another course

•  Problematic when student fails one of the courses

•  scheduling

•  class load issues

•  class evals

•  does the material truly get integrated or class is turned into 2 mini-classes?