Statement of Objectives for the Baccalaureate Degree

The purpose of baccalaureate education at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville is to provide students with a solid foundation for intellectual development and an ability and desire to make contributions to society. As a public institution, SIUE strives to develop students who are well-informed, effective citizens; who provide leadership in civic and community affairs; who appreciate the arts; who have increased capacity for self-reflection, health and well-being, and self-assessment; and who will pursue life-long learning.

The undergraduate curriculum encourages students to set the events of the world in broad perspective and to bring a reasoned approach to the challenges they may face.

To achieve these purposes, the University seeks to impart the following abilities and knowledge to its students through their general education and study in their academic majors and minors:

Analytic, Problem-solving, and Decision-making Skills
Such skills include information literacy, quantitative literacy, the ability to understand and interpret written and oral texts, and to recognize, develop, evaluate, and defend or attack hypotheses and arguments. These skills are to be developed throughout all undergraduate programs in all courses.

Oral and Written Communication Skills
Skills in expository, argumentative, and creative writing, and in effective speaking and listening are to be developed through extensive and regular writing assignments, oral presentations, and participation in discussions.

Foundation in Liberal Arts and Sciences
All students will acquire a solid base of knowledge in liberal arts and sciences and of the contributions of these fields to civilization and to the quality of life. All undergraduate degree programs at SIUE, including professional programs, are rooted in the liberal arts and sciences through the integration of each major program with the General Education program.

Value of Diversity
All students will gain an understanding of the traditions that influence American culture and of the traditions of other cultures in order to develop a respect for and sensitivity to human diversity. Students will gain a deeper understanding of global interdependence.

Scientific Literacy
All students will have experience in the methods of scientific inquiry in laboratory and field investigation and gain knowledge of scientific and technological developments and their influence on society.

All students will understand the nature of value judgments, will have an ability to make reasoned and informed value judgments, and will appreciate the diversity among cultures with respect to mores and traditional standards of conduct.

Preparation in an Academic or Professional Discipline
Students completing the baccalaureate degree will have attained a level of achievement within an academic or professional discipline which will enable them either to begin a career in the discipline or to pursue graduate work in that or an appropriately related discipline.




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