SIUE Values

By adopting a Statement of Values, an organization signals to its publics those fundamental ideals and concepts on which it bases its plans and actions to achieve its vision. SIUE adopted the following statement in January 2002, replacing earlier statements.

Recognizing public education as the cornerstone of a democracy, SIUE carries out its mission based on certain fundamental, shared values. We value:

Social, civic and political responsibility, globally, nationally, locally, and within the University
Active partnerships and a climate of collaboration and cooperation among faculty, staff, students and the larger community
Environmental stewardship

High quality student learning
Continuous improvement and innovation
Outstanding scholarship and public service
Standards consonant with the premier status to which we aspire

Accountability to those we serve and from whom we receive support
Honesty in our communications and in our actions

Inclusion of the rich diversity of humankind in all aspects of university life
Respect for individual differences
Intellectual freedom and diversity of thought
Access for all who can benefit from our programs

Creation, preservation, and sharing of knowledge
Application of knowledge in a manner that promotes the common good
Life-long learning