Dear Colleagues,

As the design teams work to complete their proposals by 15 March, the BRIDGE Committee has been working on establishing the procedures that will move us from 11 proposals in mid-Spring Semester 2006 to a smaller number of
more fleshed-out proposals to be deliberatively considered throughout Fall 2006. We have been listening closely both to suggestions that have come forward on the faculty and staff list-serves as well as to national experts in general education reform with whom we have been in consultation.

Phase II will be collaborative. The BRIDGE Committee is in the process of finalizing the collaborative mechanisms that will be employed; the purpose of collaboration will be to keep as many folks involved in the process as possible. We will provide a detailed set of procedures and a timeline for Phase II of the BRIDGE process in the upcoming weeks.

Finally, we are in the earliest stages of consulting with the Faculty Senate to organize an all-faculty meeting for late-Fall 2006 or early-Spring 2007 which would pick a Phase II design that would become the draft/template for the BRIDGE Committee’s report/recommendation to the Faculty Senate to be delivered in Spring 2007.

Eric Ruckh, Chair
BRIDGE Committee

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