Dear Colleagues,
      Phase-One Design Proposals are being posted on the BRIDGE website. As
of Sunday, 26 March, 4 of the 11 proposals are up; the others will be 
posted by Tuesday, 28 March. Also, this week the proposals will be posted 
in the BRIDGE site on Blackboard. We strongly encourage you to read them. 
Community meetings will begin in a week and half (we are having some 
difficulty getting rooms, that is why we have not made an announcement 
about them yet). By the middle of the week, we will let you know when and 
where these meeting will be held.
      I have spent the better part of the weekend carefully reading the 
proposals. On behalf of the BRIDGE Committee, let me thank all participants
on phase-one design teams for their work, ideas, reflection, care and 
wisdom! I am humbled by the quality and quantity of collective work that
has been done on general education reform. I am honored to be your 
colleague! The work of the design teams has placed the campus community in 
an enviable position to move our reform efforts forward over the summer and
into the fall. I would encourage everyone on campus to thank phase-one 
design team members for their work when you see them.
      The BRIDGE Committee, along with preparing the community meetings, is
working with the design-teams to facilitate their clustering and 
collaboration. We will keep you informed as this process unfolds over the
next few weeks.
                                   Eric Ruckh,
                                   Associate Professor of Historical Studies
                                   Chair, BRIDGE

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