Dear Colleagues,

It is with a great sense of pleasure, relief and hopefulness that I can report that the clustering of phase-one design teams into three phase-two design teams was successful.

Three phase-two design teams were formed last week: the first, will work on developing a general education program using a distribution model; the second, will work on developing a general education program around an integrated core; the third, will work on developing a general education program organized through learning communities (structured series of linked
courses). These teams will build on the excellent work that was done this year by everyone who participated in Phase One.

Next week, a link will be established on the BRIDGE website so that the community can see the composition of the phase-two teams.

We will also make available on the BRIDGE website the 'charge' to the phase-two teams which lay out the constraints under which they will be working. The charge given to the phase-two teams is considerably more concrete and complex than the one given last fall to phase-one design teams. Because of the complexity of what we are asking the phase-two to do--develop plans that have enough detail so that we could begin to assess budgetary effects and impact on different units around the campus--phase-two work will continue into Fall 2006.

The BRIDGE Committee believes that careful work on three phase-two designs will allow the faculty to have a range of options to consider rationally at an all-Faculty meeting in Spring 2007. We are beginning to plan for that meeting now, in close collaboration with the Faculty Senate, the Office of the Provost and the Office of the Chancellor.

The BRIDGE Committee wants to assure the community that we will continue to move toward the reform of the general education program in careful collaboration and dialogue with the community. Our goal at this stage is to support the three phase-two design teams equally so that all three proposal that emerge in Fall 2006 are strong and viable.

We hope that everyone has productive and restorative summers!


Eric Ruckh
Associate Professor of Historical Studies
Chair, BRIDGE Committee

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