15 October 2005

Dear Colleagues,

     I am pleased to announce that as of Friday, 14 October, the BRIDGE Committee has received letters of intent from six or seven design teams. (This discrepancy is a result of one letter being submitted directly to me and my inability to reach the university governance secretary to see if she had also received the same letter.) A minimal threshold has been reached and the redesign of General Education at SIUE can now proceed into Phase One. The BRIDGE Committee wants to thank all of those on design teams who have stepped forward and expressed a willingness to commit their time, effort and ideas to
the process of the renewal of General Education at SIUE. We also want to thank the community at large for their interest in the process; we have already learned a great deal from listening to the concerns of the community.

     As design teams begin to work, the BRIDGE Committee will continue to support that work. We will meet next week to discuss the specifics of that support over the next five months.

     Also, the BRIDGE Committee will turn its attention to establishing the specifics of the process by which Phase One will be brought to an end (the review of all design proposals by a Peer-Review Committee) and to establishing the guidlelines for Phase Two. We can assure the community that we are committed to insuring that Phase Two unfolds in a democratic and transparent manner.

Kudos to you all!

Eric Ruckh