Final Proposals: Phase I General Education Designs

       Marcus Agustin, Mathematics and Statistics
       Christienne Hinz, Historical Studies
       Michael Moore, Historical Studies
       Matthew Paris, Library Services    
       Jennifer Rehg, Anthropology
       Cory Willmott, Anthropology
Live & Learn @ SIUE 
       Kathleen Bueno, Foreign Languages 
       Melanie Brimer, Special Education & Communication Disorders
       Michelle Sears, Lovejoy Library
       Consultants: William Larkin, Philosophy 
                    Barbara Nwacha, Art & Design
                    Jerome Shen, Chemistry

Knowledge Development: Patterns and Outcomes
      Kathy Behm, Lovejoy Library
      Rhonda Comrie, School of Nursing
      Judy Crane, Philosophy (sabbatical)
      Charlotte Johnson, Lovejoy Library
      Ann Popkess, School of Nursing
      Chad Verbais, Instructional Services
      Val Yancey, School of Nursing
      Belinda Carstens, Foreign Languages
      Carol Keene, Professor Emeritus, Philosophy
      Doris Davis, School of Nursing
      Christine Durbin, School of Nursing
Balance on the BRIDGE: Graduating Students for the Future
      Melissa Dickson, Student, Physics and Secondary Education
      Tom Foster, Physics and OSME
      Lenore Horner, Physics
      Sara Sawyer, Biological Sciences
UNIVERSITY CONNECTIONS Elizabeth Adams Marks, Student, Art & Design and Art Education Rita Arras, Family Health/Community Health, Nursing Jo Gibson, Credit Articulation and Degree Audit, Office of the Registrar Lydia Jackson, Lovejoy Library and Information Services Suzanne Kutterer-Siburt, Kimmel Leadership Center Cindy Scarsdale, Undergraduate Assessment and Program Review Nellie Shaul, Student, Chemistry and Biological Sciences Lucian Stone, Philosophy Tongele Te-Alakebanga, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Cheryle Tucker-Loewe, Academic Counseling and Advising Consultants: Mark Bolyard, Biological Sciences Sue Fisher, Coro Midwest Leadership Center Norris Manning, School of Business Nikki Weinstein, Focus St. Louis Shrink, Simplify and Assess Seran Aktuna, English Language and Literature John Danley, Philosophy Cem Karacal, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering Nader Panahshahi, Civil Engineering Kerry Slattery, Construction Laura Swanson, Management and Marketing From Awareness to Action: Promoting Critical Thinking and Citizenship in Baccalaureate Education Kathy Bushrow, Curriculum & Instruction Natalie Kizzire, SOAR Program Caroline Pryor, Curriculum & Instruction Dawn Reed, Academic Advising & Counseling Challenge of Rigorous Education: The Indispensable Core David Kaplan, Physics Robert Ware, Philosophy Understanding Ourselves, Engaging Our World: Curriculum Reform for 21st Century Learners Laura Wolff, Economics & Finance Debbie Mann, Foreign Languages & Literature Kim Poteet, Instructional Services Ann Riley, Lovejoy Library
Enhancing Core Competencies in an Integrated General Education Curriculum:
It Takes a Seed Producing Fruit to Plant an Orchard      
      Emmanuel Eneyo,  Mechanical & Industrial Engineering
      Marjorie Baier, School of Nursing
      Elaine Abusharbain, Biological Sciences 
      Gertrude Pannirselvam, Management & Marketing 
      Preston Williams, Graduate Student, Social Work
      Michael Afolayan, Curriculum & Instruction
      Therese Poirier, School of Pharmacy 

Simplifying Our Successes: General Education Through Liberal Learning 
      Kimberly A.Shaw, Physics
      Bob Dixon, Chemistry
      Krysztof Jarosz, Mathematics & Statistics
      Kevin Johnson, Environmental Sciences
      Marilyn Hasty, Science & Math Education
      Steve McCommas, Biological Sciences