TLTR Tasks



Each question below is a TLTR Task; they are grouped into topics.  Each Task should be worked on separately, using a small
number of people from the Roundtable.  Additional Tasks will be developed in the future by the Steering Group with guidance from
the TLTR issues list and the Roundtable.

A.  Enabling Faculty

1.  Do current promotion and tenure policies and criteria provide for (sufficient) recognition of accomplishments in scholarship and
teaching with respect to development and use of on-line pedagogy?

2.  What should SIUE policy be with respect to intellectual property rights?

3.  What training and development should be provided to faculty?  To new faculty?

4.  What workload issues are associated with the development and use of on-line pedagogy?

5.  What are the key aspects of providing support to facultyon-going help, trouble-shooting, equipment, software updates, availability
of new products, etc.?

B.  Assessing

1.  How do we assess what skills students and faculty bring to a course?

2.  How do faculty assess student performance?  What are the desired outcomes?  How do we measure outcomes?  How do we
build quality improvement cycles?

3.  How well do students learn with this curriculum delivery method?

C.  Gathering the Inventory

1.  What processes and initiatives already exist at SIUE? (e.g. Academic Computing Council)

2.  What equipment currently supports teaching and learning (use list provided by Dean Starratt)?  How many smart classrooms exist
or are planned for?

D.  Exploring

1.  What are the newest pedagogical approaches?  The newest equipment and software?


Tasks reviewed by TLTR on 12/5/00