TLTR Meeting
February 14, 2002

The TLTR met on February 14, 2002. We reviewed last year's work; the topics we worked on last year were the following:

A3 Faculty training and development.
A4 Workload issues.
A5 Faculty support.
B2 Student assessment.
B3 Student learning.
D1 Newest equipment and pedagogy.

We also reviewed response reports on A3, A4, A5 and D1 (see links, below). While we originally anticipated further work on B2 and B3, the Steering Group determined that, given the overlap in the recommendations of these reports with A3-5, no further work is needed by the Roundtable on these topics, with the recommendation that B3 be taken up by the AQIP task force on student learning. The Steering Group also reviewed other potential student issues remaining from the original list of possible topics; the Group has suggested that it is appropriate to ask the Curriculum Council to consider these. Given these decisions, this was the final meeting of the Roundtable.

February 14th Agenda:
Response reports:
A3 (Faculty Training and Development) and A5 (Key Aspects of Providing Support to Faculty), presented by Jay Starratt
A4 (Faculty Workload Issues), presented by Sharon Hahs
D1 (Newest pedagogical approaches, equipment, and software), presented by John Navin
Academic Computing Council's Response to D1

To be considered by other units:
B3 (Student Learning) given to AQIP task force on student learning
Student technological competencies to Curriculum Council

Other Discussion
Concluding the work of the Rountable