Task Group Membership

The co-chairs have not been assigned to a group; they will serve as resources to all groups as needed.   A convener is identified for each Task Group; that individual should bring the Group together for the first time.  Then the Group should decide how to organize itself.

A3.  What training and development should be provided to faculty?  To new faculty?

Darryl Coan
Regina McBride, Convener
Christa Oxford
Cathy Santanello

A4.  What workload issues are associated with the development and use of on-line pedagogy?

Charlotte Johnson
Kathryn Martell
Bill Hamrick, Convener
Ivy Schroeder
Art Parrish and/or Phil Carlock

A5.  What are the key aspects of providing support to facultyon-going help, trouble-shooting, equipment, software updates,
availability of new products, etc.?

Bob Froemling
Duane Schiffman
Wendy Shaw
Jay Starratt, Convener
Jennifer Vandever
Homer Cissell

B2.  How do faculty assess student performance?  What are the desired outcomes?  How do we measure outcomes?  How do we
build quality improvement cycles?

Jim Andris, Convener
Marj Baier
Darice Carlson
Kay Mueggenburg
David Sill
Kay Werner

B3.  How well do students learn with this curriculum delivery method?  (Discussion clarified that this question pertains to on-line
versus classroom learning.)

John Drueke
Nobby Emmanuel
Cathleen Kennedy
Mary Polite
Ron Schaefer
Bryce Sullivan, Convener

C1.  What process and initiatives already exist at SIUE?  (e.g. Academic Computing Council)

Ron Banks
Justin Cleveland
Lynn Dieterich, Convener
Pug Edmonds
Kenn Neher
Eric Voss

D1.  What are the newest pedagogical approaches?  The newest equipment and software?

Dennis Hostetler, Convener
Steve Huffstutler
Susan Morgan
Pat Williams
Jerry Weinberger

Task Goups assigned 12/5/00