October 20, 2000 Organizational meeting of the Teaching, Learning and Technology Roundtable

The  Members of TLTR, gathered for a preliminary meeting on October 20th, to prepare for a visit by Steve Gilbert.  Mr. Gilbertís visit on November 2 will be the official launch of the effort.

The TLTR, or Teaching, Learning and Technology Roundtable   is an important University initiative which helps us take a critical look at the
various technology efforts impacting teaching and learning in order to bring them together, to plan effectively for the best approaches and use of
resources in the future.  The TLTR is a model developed by the TLT Group , an Affiliate of the American Association of Higher Education.   Steve
Gilbert, President of the TLT Group has assisted many campuses in styling and conducting their own Roundtables.  Our TLTR will take the lead in developing a comprehensive plan which integrates all the issues related to teaching and learning with technology.

Jay Starratt, Dean of Library and Information Services presented  a  Technology Update.