December 5, 2000

A Summary

    The  Purpose Statementdrafted by the Steering Group was reviewed, revised and accepted by the Roundtable.

    The List of Tasks  was reviewed with the understanding that more asks were to be developed (from the issues list) in the future.  The Tasks list was numbered for convenience. (It was suggested that if any editing of the Task questions were needed, it could be done by the Task Group.)  Seven Tasks were identified for groups to begin working on.  These are A3, A4, A5, B2, B3, C1, and D1.  Individuals listed two Tasks they preferred to work on.  After the meeting the co-chairs sorted the preferences and assigned individuals to Tasks  Task Groups . Those who were unable to attend were included; our goal was to balance each group with individuals in variety of roles.

    We then established that the Roundtable should meet in spring once a month on alternating days; Task Groups should meet more frequently to accomplish their work.  The next meeting is set for Tuesday, January 16th; future dates will be announced.

    We concluded with a brief training session on the WebCT site for the TLTR.