Task Group A3
Faculty Technology Training and Development

Darryl Coan

Regina McBride, convener

Christa Oxford

Cathy Santanello

March 20, 2001


In fall 2000 the Faculty Technology Center presented the faculty with the opportunity to respond to an online survey.  The Faculty Use of Technology survey had a twofold purpose. First, it sought to gather information on the faculty’s current use of technology. Secondly, the survey asked the faculty to identify technology training needs.  The F.  T.  C. received 224 responses.


Faculty responses indicated several training interests. WebCt, PowerPoint and webpage design ranked high in training interests. The faculty also listed the use of digital cameras, scanners and smart classrooms as good candidates for training sessions.

With faculty technology needs clearly identified, the Faculty Technology Training Task Group (A3) recommends the following:

  1. Develop a presentation: Introduction to Technology Resources at SIUE. The presentation would be an overview of existing resources available for faculty. A WebCT demonstration, an overview of other software supported by the Faculty Technology Center and information on the workshops offered by the Office of Information Technology would be included. This program would be presented as part of New Faculty Orientation and would be the foundation for a computer-based tutorial.

  2. Create a computer-based tutorial: Technology Resources at SIUE. Access to the tutorial would be from the Faculty Technology Center web page with links to the Office of Information Technology’s technical training schedules. The guided tutorial would walk a faculty member through the resources available (including a brief synopsis of the software) and provide instructions on obtaining additional information and assistance.

  3. Adapt the presentation: Introduction to Technology Resources at SIUE to a brief demonstration that could be shared with faculty members at a department meeting. The presentation would include a demonstration of WebCT, information on the services provided by the Faculty Technology Center and the Office of Information Technology, and other software of interest to the particular department.

  4. Construct a web site off the Faculty Technology Center web page, for faculty members to post demonstrations of their uses of technology. The web site would be a vehicle for informal sharing of ideas and expertise. Email notification and/or hotlinks from the “O” could be used to alert faculty members when new demonstrations were posted.

  5. Initiate a “Technology Brown Bag” program whereby interested faculty members could present a more formal, detailed demonstration of creative uses of technology in teaching and learning. The brown bag sessions would be held twice per year and would be co-sponsored by the Faculty Technology Center and the Excellence in Learning and Teaching Initiative.

  6. We recommend ongoing evaluation and needs assessment for faculty development.