Creation of an Emerging Technologies in Education Committee

Members of the Academic Computing Council: Jim Andris, Julian Bueno, John Drueke (ex officio), Peter Herdman, Bill Klingensmith, Kathryn Martell, John Navin (Chairman), Geert Pallemans, Ed Sewell, Jay Starratt (ex officio), Bernard Waxman, and Kay Werner.


Based on the report forwarded to the Academic Computing Council by the Teaching, Learning, and Technology Roundtable (TLTR), the Academic Computing Council is recommending the creation of an advisory group to the Dean of Library and Information Services. This group, which will be composed of a large group of faculty members from across the University will be responsible for identifying and promoting new technologies for use in the learning process. Details of the committee and its responsibilities are provided below.

Name: The new committee shall be called the Emerging Technologies in Education Committee (ETEC)

Purpose: The purpose of the committee is to provide a conduit through which faculty can participate in the investigation and implementation of new learning technologies on campus. ETEC will focus specifically on the technological needs of faculty. The duties of the committee shall include:

1. Horizon Scanning: Keep abreast of the newest technologies and their pedagogical implications.
2. Examine new pedagogical uses of existing technologies
3. Evaluate new education-related technologies for potential use at SIUE
4. Foster collaboration across departments using technology in the classroom
5. Recruit new faculty to incorporate new technologies into their classes
6. Publicize new technologies available to faculty

Structure of the Committee

The committee will be advisory to the Dean of Library and Information Services.


Members of the committee will be selected based on nominations submitted in response to an announcement on the faculty list serve from the Dean of Library and Information Services. Members of the committee shall be selected by a subcommittee of the Academic Computing Council in consultation with the Dean of Library and Information Services. The membership of the committee shall be limited to 15 to 18 members, with the actual number at the discretion of the selection committee. Members will be selected to serve staggered two-year terms in order to insure a rotation of membership. The Director of Academic Computing and a representative from the Faculty Technology Center shall serve as ex officio members of the committee. The criteria for the selection of the remaining members will be:

1. Potential members will be active in educational technology
2. Potential members should demonstrate activity in the dissemination of new technology and its pedagogical uses
3. Potential members should demonstrate an active interest in curriculum innovation
4. Potential members will be selected to provide a membership equitably distributed across all schools within the University