The fifth 2006-2007 SIUE Chemistry Club meeting was held Friday, November 03, 2006, at 2:00 p.m. in the Chemistry Club Room (SL 1107).  Present officers included Mariellen Sydow, Dave Herrmann, Crystal Hise, and Lindsey Hamilton.


There was no new business.  Old business began with the Corn-to-Ethanol Plant Tour to be held next Friday, November 10, 2006, from 3:00-4:00 p.m.  This event has been organized by John Kramer.  Since the plant is on campus, each person is responsible for his/her own transportation to the tour.


Two designs have been selected for making silk-screened shirts.  The selections are Daniel Bank’s star with the TNT molecule and Will Kuester’s “Chemists do it in the lab.”  We need to find a drawing to include with the “Chemists do it in the lab” idea.  Is there anyone with artistic abilities able to draw a picture of a man and woman at a lab bench?  Please e-mail Mariellen Sydow (  There will be a poll posted on Yahoo! Groups to determine when the majority of people are available to do the silk-screening.  Each person is responsible for providing clothing to be silk-screened.  This includes t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, and lab coats.  Pizza will be provided.


The Chemistry Club clothing drive will be held from Monday, November 13 through Wednesday, November 15, 2006.  There is a sign-up sheet posted on the Chemistry Club bulletin board.  Volunteers are needed to sit at the table and collect the donated clothing.


Lindsey Hamilton, Dawn Powell, and Jennifer Redding met and completed the Chemistry Club’s   ACS poster abstract for the spring 2007 ACS convention in Chicago, IL.  The final version will be typed and e-mailed to Dr. Wiediger.


Dr. Eilers donated a Mac G4 computer to Chemistry Club.  It is functioning but needs some updating.  Dr. Eilers will provide us with the software.  We are looking for someone who is familiar with Mac computers to do maintenance.


Aerotek Scientific is a recruiting and staffing firm, which specializes in scientific industries.  Courtney and Mike of Aerotek made a presentation last Wednesday, November 1, 2006, about their company and the recruiting process.  There is no fee to submit a résumé to Aerotek.  Scientific companies contact Aerotek with their requests for employees and Aerotek provides them with a list of eligible candidates.  Industries include pharmaceuticals, quality control, and general lab work.  Brochures are available.


We have moved all of the Chemistry Club snacks into SL 1107.  Since we have not had a way of securing them, some people have taken the liberty of consuming the snacks (mainly sodas) at their leisure.  The snacks are intended for the meetings only.  However, Chemistry Club is willing to provide refreshments for the room as long as members will contribute to the cost.  A jar will be set up on the honor system.  Please keep the room picked up.  Throw away all trash.


There is no new progress on CVS.  Any new information will be sent out in an e-mail update.  Volunteers are still welcomed.  Contact Dave Herrmann (


The meeting was adjourned at 2:16 p.m.