Chemistry Club Meeting #2

Fall 2005



The meeting began at 1PM. All officers were present.


-         ACS Affiliate forms were handed out to members in attendance. All members of the Chemistry Club were encouraged to join the ACS as a student affiliate. If the Chemistry Club has six of its members as ACS affiliates, then SIUE’s Chem Club will be recognized as an ACS affiliated chemistry club, and can enjoy the benefits associated with being affiliated.

-         Tours need to be coordinated. A sign up sheet was passed around so that interested volunteers could help the Chemistry Club arrange tours, along with other events.

-         The Probst lecture, which takes place in the spring and includes a speaker, grad student presentations and poster session, and a dinner, was mentioned. Darcy and Bonnie were working with Dr. DeMeo to coordinate the event.

-         The book bake sale was set for October 10-12, and  sheets to sign up to man the tables will be available at the next meeting.

-         The ACS has a conference every year, and a volunteer from Chemistry Club is needed to go to the meeting and present the poster. Kimmel Leadership Center will pay the travel expenses of one Chemistry Club representative. The person who is going will need to meet with Nellie to go over writing the abstract for the poster.

-         An exhibit on display at Washington University was mentioned. It is a traveling display about women in chemistry, and club members were invited to attend.

-         The Mentors program, partially sponsored by the Chemistry Club was mentioned. The next meeting will be with graduate students, students who obtained their undergrad degree here at SIUE, and who are now in grad school. They will be available to answer any questions students might have about grad school, and the format will be informal. Other presentations will be coming up, including from Sigma Aldrich, and club members were encouraged to attend.

-         The chemistry club is still in the process of trying to obtain a door lock for the chemistry club room. The new lock would be a number key lock. Active club members would know the combination, and would be welcome to study in the chemistry club room.

-         There was a meeting for those who initially were interested in putting on demo shows the week before the meeting. Possible formats of shows were discussed, as well as possible audiences. No demos are planned, other than making ice cream for the Tri City Youth group. If anyone knows a school, or other audience, which would be interested in hosting a demo show, let one of the officers know.

-         The Tri-City Youth group has asked the Chemistry Club to come and make liquid nitrogen ice cream for them on September 30. Volunteers would need to meet at 3:15 to go to the program in East St. Louis.

-         Silkscreening is tentatively set for November 4, 2005. The clothing drive has been set for November 14-16, 2005. The book/bake sale will be held October 10-12. Activities at the St. Louis Science center, to celebrate Mol day and National Chemistry week, will be held on October 22.

-         The Trivia Night, which includes all the science clubs, will be held on October 2, 2005, at Dr. Lindell’s house. Directions will be available closer to the date.