-The chemistry club will be touring Sigma-Aldrich's DeKalb and research and development facilities in December. A head count is needed by November 28th. People interested in attending the tour will need to email Dr. Wiediger by the 28th to be counted for the tour. The R&D portion of the tour will be at 1 PM, and if anyone needs to arrive late, arrangements can be made.

-The Probst lecture is still being planned. There is a deadline on November 30th.

-The abstract for the ACS poster has been submitted and the ACS deadline met. In order to obtain funding from Kimmel, we will need to apply as soon as possible. The abstract for the poster will have to be accepted by ACS in order for the Chemistry club to attend the meeting.

-The lock for the chem club room will be installed on Monday of Thanksgiving break. There will need to be a person from the club present for the lock to be installed. After the lock has been installed, the computer and printer can be installed in the room. The code for the lock will be given to active chem club members as determined by participation in Chem club activities.

-The lock has a numeric code which will be given to active chem club members. Active chem club members are determined by participation in club activites. A person who participates in three club activities, an officer in the club, or an ACS Student Affiliate is given active member status. These requirements were determined after polling chem club members in our Yahoo! groups board.

-The Christmas party will be held at Dr. Eilers house December 9th. All club members are welcome to attend. Directions will be availible in the chemistry department office. Persons are needed to help set up for the party.

-The clothing drive was a success. We recieved a lot of clothing, which will be donated to the Glen Ed pantry.

-Silkscreening will be done next semester, hopefully early on in the semester. Our meetings next semester will be held at the same time (1PM) on the first and third friday of the month.

-The periodic table may be painted on the wall of the chem club room over Christmas break. More concrete arrangements will be made by Bonnie before break begins.