Chemistry Club Meeting #4

Fall 2005



The meeting began at 1PM. All officers were present.

-      Tours are still being organized. No dates have been set. Atour of water treatment facilities is being planned. A suggestion was made tomaybe contact Sigma Aldrich to tour their R&D facilities, but no plans tocontact them have been made yet. This is a possibility for an activity for nextsemester.

-      T-shirt designs were due. One design was presented and agreedupon. The T-shirt printing was not organized to be done on the 4th ,so a new date will be set. It may not happen until next semester, but when adate is set, the club will be informed so that people can bring in T-shirts tobe printed.

-      Hands-on Science on the 22nd (at the Science Centerfor National Chemistry Week) was talked about, and Chem club members invited toattend.

-      The new lock that will be installed was discussed. Friday,October 28th was a meeting with the lock sales representative. Rulesabout the lock and room usage need to be established, along with a possiblerevision of our clubs constitution to include newly established rules. Afterthe lock is installed, a computer and printer for Chem Club use will beinstalled, and rules will need to be formed about computer usage and printingprivileges. Room usage will be limited to active member use only, but rulesneed to be made about what constitutes an active member, and how to keep trackof attendance at activities. A poll will be available on Yahoo! Groups, or youcan forward your concerns to Sue or an officer. If you need more informationabout our Yahoo! Groups group, please email Nellie or talk to her at the nextmeeting.

-      The ACS poster abstract is being worked on by Will andMariellen, and will need to be prepared by the 7th of November. SIUEChemistry Club received an honorable mention last year for our poster, and wasone of 80 to receive this honor of the up to 900 chemistry clubs of the ACS tosubmit a poster.

-      The book bake sale earned the Chemistry Club $446, which wasmore than last year.

-      The Halloween party will be held at Dr. Shaws place10/29/2005. Helpers are needed for setup and to get drinks and a turkey.Volunteers were selected.

-      The Halloween party will be held at Dr. Eilers house again.

-      Some scholarship and honor opportunities were mentioned:Martin Luther King Jr. award for outstanding minority students- applicationsdue November 11th, and applications for Whos Who Among CollegeStudents are available in the Kimmel Leadership Center (MUC).

-      Dr. Wiediger has spoken to a person from Alton High Schoolabout the possibility of doing demo shows in conjunction with their sciencefair next Spring (January).  Therewould be two shows, one in the morning, and one in the afternoon. Also, theregional science fair will be held in March, and there is a possibility of Chemclub members helping judge the projects.