Chemistry Club Meeting #3

Fall 2005



The meeting began at 1PM. All officers were present.


-      The Tri-City Youth meeting on September 30th wentvery well. Several of the members of Chemistry Club went and prepared liquidnitrogen ice cream for the students in the program, and everyone had a greattime.

-      The possibility of demo shows by the Chemistry Club is stillin the air. If you are interested in doing demo shows, or have ideas aboutpossible audiences for the demos, let Sue or one of the officers know.

-      There will be a hands-on demo show at the St. Louis Sciencecenter on Sat. Oct. 22nd to celebrate Mole Day/ National Chemistryweek. If you would like to help out, sign up sheets will be on the Chem Clubbulletin board. Chem club members are needed to help at the demo tables, and toanswer questions from audience members.

-      This yearÕs trivia night, a night of games and competitionamongst SIUEÕs science clubs, was held on Oct. 2 this year at Dr. LindellÕshouse. Chemistry came into a close second, with Physics Club in first andBiology club in 3rd. It was smaller this year than it was last year,but was still a lot of fun.

-      The Probst Lecture is still scheduled for the spring. Anadditional volunteer is needed to help Bonnie and Dr. DeMeo plan the event.This volunteer would need to talk to various people, such as persons in Kimmel,caterers, etc. to organize the event. If you are interested, contact Sue or one of the officers, or talk toBonnie or Dr. DeMeo. There is still a question on whether or not the person wewere going to host will be able to make it into the country to give thelecture; therefore, there is a possibility that we will need to find anotherperson to give the lecture.  

-      Silkscreening is still tentatively scheduled for Nov. 4th.We still need to see if Dr. Voss can help us set up screens. T-Shirt designsshould be submitted to the next meeting for a vote. One design so far is ready.

-      The Halloween party is scheduled for October 29 at Dr. ShawÕshouse. All Chem Club members are invited and encouraged to attend. It promisesto be a fun event.