Chemistry Club

Spring 2006 Meeting 2



-Attendance at the second meeting was very good, with more attendees than in previous semesters.

- The Probst lecture is still being planned. It is hectic, but it is coming along nicely. Lots of deadlines will be coming up, which are being handled. One of the items that needed to be addressed was food for Probst. The previous yearŐs menu was discussed, and voted on by members of the Chemistry Club present. All food, other than the main vegetarian course, will be kept the same.

- T-Shirt silkscreening will be done on Feb. 17th at the next meeting. The Chem Club will meet in the Chem club room, and more than likely move into a lab to work. Students must bring their own t-shirts, but other materials will be provided. The new design, as well as some of the designs from previous years, will be available. Light colors work best; dark colors may not show up. Also, dress appropriately in case you get ink on your clothes.

-The Anheuser-Busch tour has been scheduled for Feb. 10th. Seating is limited, and is restricted to the first 16 people to sign up.  The tour is not the standard tour, and will also include tours of the labs and other areas of interest. Carpooling will be worked out the day of the tour. Because of the high demand and the low number of spots on the tour, either another tour will be planned for this semester, or contact information obtained to plan a tour next semester.

-The canned food drive will take place Feb. 20 – 22 from 9AM-3PM in the main hallway of the science building. There is a possibility that we will offer baked goods or other treats in exchange for canned goods. A sign up sheet will be available next meeting for those who wish to sit at the table and collect cans.

-Painting in the room will be continued over spring break. The computer will be moved into the Chem Club room soon. Folding chairs may be looked into for the room to add extra seats to accommodate more people at the meetings.

-After receiving multiple textbooks from some of the faculty, and at the request of other students, another book bake sale will be held this semester. The date is set as March 27-29. The paperwork will have to be put in to Kimmel, and the books gathered. A person has volunteered to help organize the event.

-The annual pentathlon needs to be planned and will take place later this semester.

-The next mentors meeting will be later this month or next, and will feature Tyco Healthcare.