SIUE Chemistry Club
December 07, 2007

Officers Present:
Dylan Downs Vice President; Crystal Hise Treasurer; Megan Muehlenfeld Secretary

Advisor Present:
Dr. DeMeo and Dr. Wiediger.
- Last week we silk screened t-shirts. It was a big success and we made a lot of t-shirts! Thanks to those of you
who helped make the designs and get the screens ready!

- Dawn is applying for travel funds in order to go to ACS.

- Next semester, we will be having a pentathlon and another book/bake sale. We are also working on the Probst
Lecture, which will be in March.

- There will be tours coming in the spring. Most like likely, there will be one to Anheuser Busch. Other possibilities
are Sigma-Aldrich and Olin Brass. Hopefully the tours will happen early in the semester.

- CVS is over for the fall semester. It went very well overall. We are currently getting four new experiments
together for next semester. If you are interested in participating in CVS next semester, or if you have any questions,
contact Dylan ( or Megan (

Old Business
New Business
- Thursday, December 13, 2007, chemistry club members will be meeting at 12:30 to go eat Mexican. They will
be meeting by the chemistry office.

- Dr. DeMeo suggested getting an immunologist to speak about his work with the Spanish Influenza virus for the
next Probst lecture. It would be an evening lecture, because chemistry would not be the main topic. However, we
would need to start planning this soon.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:17 pm.