SIUE Chemistry Club
November 7, 2008
Officers Present:
Dylan Downs, President
Lily Kyrouac, Vice President
Megan Muehlenfeld, Secretary

A. Tours
a. Sigma Aldrich is looking promising as of right now

b. Unsure of the other tours at the moment
a. An abstract was submitted

b. Throughout the year, we will compose a poster of what we have done during
this school year.

C. Probst
a. We still need 2 more volunteers

b. The speaker this year is Dr. William Eaton

c. Will be held March 31, 2009

D. Robert Gates
a. Started Chemistry club at SIUE

b. Wants to help our club make a brochure

c. Need a volunteer to help meet with him to make a brochure for the club
New Business
A. Who's Who Award
a. For Juniors, Seniors, and Grad Students

b. Fill out application to apply for a scholarship for $1,000

c. If you are interested, fill out the form and turn it into
a. We have forms for to become a student affiliate

b. Chemistry majors and Chemistry Club officers must become student affiliates

c. Cost is $23.00

d. Dylan has forms if you are interested
a. Thursday, November 20th at 3:30pm

b. **We are changing the day to THURSDAY**

c. Sorry if it is an inconvenience

B. ACS Student Affiliates
a. We are able to buy study guides for the General Chemistry ACS final for $12

b. We can sell them to general chemistry students

c. We are going to see how many general chemistry students would actually be willing to buy the study guides

d. Another idea was brought up by Kimber, to have an order form for pre-orders, and make it cheaper, (i.e. $15),
then raise it to $18 or $20 for anyone buying them after the deadline

Old Business
C. Fundraising Opportunity
D. Bumper Stickers
a. There are chemistry bumper stickers

b. We are not sure if we are going to buy any… is anyone