SIUE Chemistry Club
October 18, 2007

Officers Present:
Mariellen Sydow – President; Dylan Downs – Vice President; Megan Muehlenfeld – Secretary; and Daniel Banks –

Advisor Present:
Dr. DeMeo and Dr. Wiediger.
- Trivia night was moved to November 4th at 3:30. It is currently set to be at Dr. Lindell’s house. However, we
discussed the possibility of having it on campus during the week. We would like to know if you feel more students
would be willing to come. We will get back to you on the definite date, time, and location through email. Bring any
games you want to play!
Old Business
New Business
- There will be a Halloween party at Dr. Shaw’s on Friday, October 26, 2007 at 5:00 pm. Please sign up on the
Chemistry Club board which is located on the second floor of the science building by the labs. You may dress up
and there will be food!

- SIUE is hosting the Battle of the Burettes. It is a competition between high school students who compete for the
fastest and most accurate titrations. If you are interested in helping with the event, contact Dr. DeMeo at, Dr. Wiediger at, or Dr. O’Brien at

- October 27th is National Chemistry Week. The science center is in progress.

- Silk Screening – we voted on t shirt ideas.

o “nice cleavage” - 0 votes

o “hydrogen bonding” - 18 votes

o “chemistry” in different languages – 12 votes

o “backside attack – 2 votes

o The ideas will be posted on yahoo groups, anyone can vote there. We will get back to you on the results of the

o Tentative date is the first or second week of November.

- Tours

o Anheuser Busch is in progress, but it will most likely be Friday, November 9, 2007. Sign up will be posted on
the Chemistry Club board.

o Forensics will have to be next semester.

o Sigma Aldrich is in progress.

- We will be holding a clothing and canned food drive the November 5-9. The collected goods will be donated to
a selected charity. We need to incorporate chemistry into it.

o Explanation of how food is canned

o Pick specific molecules involved in canned goods and put the molecules on it.

o Statistics of homeless, etc.

o Make posters to put at the entrance of the science building with pictures, etc.

- The next meeting will be held Friday, November 2, 2007, at 2:00 pm.

- The meeting was adjourned at 2:30 pm.