SIUE Chemistry Club
September 20, 2007

Officers Present:
Mariellen Sydow – President; Dylan Downs – Vice President; Crystal Hise – Treasurer; Megan Muehlenfeld – Secretary;
and Daniel Banks – Webmaster.

Advisor Present:
Dr. DeMeo and Dr. Wiediger.
- After taking a vote, we have decided on holding our meetings for the Fall Semester on the 1st Friday at 2:00pm
and the 3rd Thursday at 1:00 pm every month starting in October.

- Active members of the Chemistry Club get the code to the Chemistry Club room. You can then use the room for
studying, eating, etc. We will soon have computers up and running as well. In order to be an active member, you
must do three events; one of which can be a meeting, the other two must be actual events. Once you are
considered active, Mariellen will email you the code. If you have any questions about this, email her at

Old Business
New Business
- The book/bake sale will be going on October 1st, 2nd, and 3rd from 10am – 2pm. We need people to man the
tables. We are also looking for people to bring baked goods and contact professors about donating books or
baked goods. Any of these would count as one event.

- Every semester we tour different companies. This semester we have thought of Anheuser-Busch, O’Fallon
Brewery, Forensics Lab, and the Corn to Ethanol plant. Any more ideas? We are looking for someone willing to
contact the plants and schedule the tours. We are looking at October 12 or 19 or November 2 or 9.

- There will be a trivia night at Dr. Lindell’s on Sunday, October 14. It will probably be at 3:00. We will invite
different clubs and play games like trivia pursuit, and scene it.

- We will be doing silk screening sometime in October. You can bring anything such as t-shirts, shorts, etc. to
make. Bring ideas to the next meeting. Do you guys also want to get t-shirts professionally made? If so, bring ideas
for that as well.

- There will be a Halloween Party at Dr. Shaw’s Friday, October 26th at 5:00pm. We need help setting up about
an hour before it starts.

- Homecoming is October 6th, however, we are unsure if the Chemistry Club is going to do anything for it.

- National Chemistry Week is the week of October 27th. The theme is “The Many Faces of Chemistry.” Would
anyone like to do something on campus for NCW? Dr. Voss has posters of famous chemists that his students put
together. He would like help going through those to find ones that best represents chemistry.

- This year, SIUE is hosting The Battle of Burettes on October 24th. It is a titration competition for high school
students. If you would like to help by supervising labs, cleaning up, etc., contact Dr. DeMeo for information.

- Once again, the Chemistry Club will he hosting the Probst Lecture in the spring. A speaker comes and talks and
we have a lunch. We need students to help plan by talking to catering and contacting the speaker. It is a lot of
work to plan, but looks great on a resume.

- The Chemistry Club is going to help out Tri City Youth again this year. It is a volunteer program in which we
adopt a school and go once or twice a month to talk to them. We usually do things like liquid nitrogen ice cream to
get them excited about science.

- Cougars Volunteering for Science (CVS) is a group of 3-4 students who go to middle schools and do science
demonstrations for them. If you are interested, contact Dylan Downs at However, we do not
plan on scheduling another training session for this semester. We have contacted the schools and are waiting to
hear back from them to set up dates and times.

- Congratulations to the Chemistry Club! We won the Commendable Chapter Award!

- For November, we are planning a clothing drive and a tour.

- The Next Meeting will be Friday, October 5th at 2:00pm.

- We just bought a mini refrigerator for $20!

- The Chemistry Department and Residence Halls are hoping to hire someone to do chemistry tutoring in the res
halls. To be considered, you must have completed chemistry through CHEM 241b (organic). It would be about
12 hours per week, Mon-Thurs. Pay would be $8/hr. If you are interested, put a resume together and talk to Dr.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:23 pm.