SIUE Chemistry Club
September 19, 2008
First Meeting 2008-2009
Officers Present:
Dylan Downs, President
Lily Kyrouac, Vice President
Megan Muehlenfeld, Secretary

Professors Present:
Dr. DeMeo
1. This year the officers are:
President Dylan Downs (
Vice President Lily Kyrouac (
Treasurer John Kramer (
Secretary Megan Muehlenfeld (
Webmaster Nicole Motl (

2. Being an "Active" Member
a. Must attend 3 events. One of these events can be a meeting, the other two can
be volunteering at book/bake sale, taking tours, or attending one of our parties. If
you are a part of Cougars Volunteering for Science, you do not have to attend
any other events. Because CVS takes up a lot of time, we count that as 3 events
b. Once you are an active member, you will get an email from Dylan with the
code to the room. The room has a computer, refrigerator, tables, etc that you
may use.
3. Tours
a. We try to take at least one tour a semester.
b. An interest was shown in taking tours to Anheuser-Busch, Sigma Aldrich, and forensics labs for this year.
c. Let us know if you have any other ideas.

4. Cougars Volunteering for Science (CVS)
a. CVS is a volunteer opportunity associated with Kimmel. The volunteer hours can count toward SLDP,
scholarships, etc.

b. CVS sends groups of 3-4 people to underprivileged elementary schools to perform science demos. Each
group gets assigned to a classroom and does 7 different demos throughout the year. Some of the demos are
properties of carbon dioxide, liquid nitrogen ice cream, biodegradability, tracing an epidemic, and many

c. Training sessions are held for CVS members. Each group member will have to get trained in all of the
demos before performing at the schools. If you have already been trained, there is no need to get trained
5. Voting on times for the meeting
a. Of the people who attended the meeting, Fridays at 3:00pm worked for them.
b. There will be a poll on yahoo for other meeting times. We usually try to have two different days or times
each month so everyone can make it to at least one.
6. Kaplan
a. Sometime this semester, there will be a meeting in which a Kaplan representative will come to talk about
the different products they offer. There will be a drawing for free things such as books and classes.
7. Upcoming Events
a. Fall Kick-off at Dr. Eilers House will be Saturday, September 13th at 5:00pm. There will be a sign up
sheet with directions in the chemistry office (2nd floor of science building). Please sign up if you are going so
we know how much food to prepare. We also need people to help set up. You will need to come about an
hour early.

b. Chemistry Career Night will be held Wednesday, September 17th at 6pm at Washington University. If
you want to go, we have to RSVP by Sunday, September 7th. Let us know if you want to organize a

c. Book/Bake Sale - we have one every semester. We will need people to bake goods and work at the
tables. The dates are not yet decided.

d. National Chemistry Week is October 19th - 25th. It is at the Science Center, and the theme this year is
Chemistry of Sports.

8. Spring Events
a. Probst lecture will be March 31, 2009. We will need 2 volunteers to help plan this. It takes a lot of time,
but it is a very good chance to get to know the faculty and good for a resume.

b. ACS - Every spring a chemistry club member gets sent to the National ACS meeting to present a poster
about the chemistry club. This year it will be in Utah. The student gets everything paid for. If you are doing
research, you can also present your research poster at the same event. If you are interested in doing this,
please contact Dylan.

The next meeting will be held Friday, September 19th at 3:00pm in the Chemistry Club room (SL1107).