SIUE Chemistry Club
September 19, 2008
First Meeting 2008-2009
Officers Present:
Dylan Downs, President
Lily Kyrouac, Vice President
John Kramer, Treasurer
Megan Muehlenfeld, Secretary
Nicole Motl, Webmaster

Professors Present:
Dr. Navarre
1. Being an "Active" Member
a. Must attend 3 events. One of these events can be a meeting, the other two can be volunteering at book/bake
sale, taking tours, or attending one of our parties. If you are a part of Cougars Volunteering for Science, you do not
have to attend any other events. Because CVS takes up a lot of time, we count that as 3 events.

b. Once you are an active member, you will get an email from Dylan with the code to the room. The room has a
computer, refrigerator, tables, etc that you may use.

c. There are NO dues!!!

2. Old Business
a. Fall Kick off at Dr. Eilers' - Thank you to those of you who came. It was a
very good turnout.

b. Chemistry Career Night - group went over to Wash U and speakers talked
about different careers within chemistry.

3. New Business
a. Book/Bake sale - October 13th - 16th. We sell the books from the chemistry club room. Also have baked
goods to sell. Need volunteers for this. We asked for one volunteer to coordinate it. They will go to professors
and ask for books, baked goods, or donations. They will automatically be counted as a chemistry club member.
We also need many volunteers to work at the table. If you would like to help, you can sign up for half hour
b. Tours
i. Forensics lab, Sigma Aldrich, and Anheuser-Busch were mentioned last meeting.
ii. FDA lab in St. Louis was suggested.
iii. We are looking for people to help coordinate the tours.

c. Kaplan
i. We are still having a rep come and talk about the tests and classes you can take to prepare for the test.
d. CVS - Cougars Volunteering for Science
i. Training session Next Friday sometime. We will email you with the times.
ii. Anyone who has been trained, still show up to give us your schedules then you can leave.

e. You need to be registered on yahoo groups. This is how we send out emails. Just make an account and email
Dylan with it. Please also do the poll on yahoo groups so we can make up meeting times.
f. Next meeting is Friday, October 3 at 3:00pm.
g. One recommendation from ACS was for our club was to be more "green". One idea was to raise donations to
donate a tree to SIUE gardens. We will get a plaque with it and call it the Chemis-tree.