SIUE Chemistry Club
April 4th, 2009

Officers Present:
Dylan Downs, President
Lily Kyrouac, Vice President
Megan Muehlenfeld, Secretary

Old Business
4. Spring BBQ
a. Sherryl went to the ACS conference and presented our poster. She has come back with many ideas to help
improve our club.
1. ACS Presentation
a. Our next and last meeting of the year will be held Friday, April 17th at 3:00pm.

b. Officer elections will be held this meeting. We will vote on officers for next year.

c. The positions available to run for are:

i. President :The president is in charge of delegating activities to members. You need to be an active member
this year in order to run for president.

ii. Vice President: Helps the president make decisions.

iii. Secretary: Types the minutes at each meeting, sends out thank you notes.

iv. Treasurer: Helps with finances, and buying various things for the club.

v. Webmaster: Keeps up the website for the club.

vi. CVS coordinator: This is a new position. Usually the VP coordinates CVS but we need someone who
will be in charge of it. There will be a couple of people who need to assist with this. We will try to get at
least 2 assistant coordinators.

vii. If you would like to run for a position, you are required to give a very short, informal speech. The speech
should include your name, major, what you are running for, why you want to run for it, why you would be
good for the position, and any other commitments you would have next semester.

5. Next meeting
2. Tshirts
a. We are going to silk-screen t-shirts next Friday, April 10, 2009 in room SL 2218. It will start at 1:00. You
may come whenever you can make it. It will probably go until 3 or 4. We will provide black t-shirts for the
active members of the chemistry club. There will also be pizza provided.

b. We will put a poll online to see what time most people will be there. Based on the number of people, we
will decide when the pizza will be there.

c. If you have not told Lily the size of t-shirt that you would like, and you are an active member, please email
her at with your name and size.
3. Relay for Life
a. We are getting a team together. Relay for Life is April 17th - 18th from 6pm to 6am at the RecPlex at

b. Fundraiser - while people are walking, we will also have a fundraiser going on.

a. We need to find a professor to host our spring BBQ. It will be sometime the weekend of Friday, April