SIUE Chemistry Club
March 20, 2009

Officers Present:
Dylan Downs, President
Lily Kyrouac, Vice President
Megan Muehlenfeld, Secretary

Old Business
4. Probst
Relay for Life
a. We are getting a team together. Relay for Life is April 17th – 18th from 6pm to 6am at the RecPlex at SIUE.
We need at least 8 members. We only have 3 as of now, so we really need some more members! You do not
have to be there the entire night.

b. Fundraiser – while people are walking, we will also have a fundraiser going on. We have thought of a few
already, such as…

i. Liquid nitrogen ice cream
ii. Snow ball
1. Have people buy “snow balls” to throw at a target.
iii. Water
1. Do we want to put our own label on it?
2. We could also put stickers on it that says SIUE Chemistry Club.
iv. Do a fundraiser before hand
1. Brat sale
2. Bake sale
3. Paint the campus purple
a. The campus is having a day where you can sell purple things. We could sell something such as purple
lemonade. This day is to spread awareness. Right now our campus is 6th in the nation to raise money.

v. Goal is for the club to raise $200. We really need to raise more money than this. If our campus can be top 5th
in the nation, we have a chance to win a trophy for SIUE.
n. This will be whatever weekend that the FDA tour is not; so it will either be April 3rd or April 10th.

o. One screen that we are going to do is SIUE Chemistry club with a picture of the sucrose molecule and
SWEET! under it. This will be the “official” club shirt. It will be a black t-shirt with white lettering. At this
point, the club is going to try to pay for everyone to get a black shirt. If this is not possible, we will let
everyone know so they can pick up a black shirt.

p. For the other prints, we currently have black, white, and red ink. We are also going to get blue ink.

q. We will have a meeting before hand and have pizza and then make the tshirts. You may bring as many
articles of clothing as you want screened. Make sure it is cotton and not fuzzy. Sweatshirts will work, but
fleece will not.

r. We also need to prepare a tshirt for the probst lecture for next year.

s. We need someone to make the screen. It is a “cool chemical process” says Dylan. We need someone who
has a dark place, i.e. a basement, to put the screen.

t. Please show up for this! It is really fun!
1. Relay for Life
w. Friday, April 3rd at 3:00pm.
7. Pentahalon
u. We are currently not for sure when or where it will be.
v. We will either have the pentathlon and the spring BBQ or just the spring BBQ.
l. The tentative dates are April 3rd or 4th or April 10th.
m. We are currently setting this up.
5. FDA Tour
2. ACS Poster
c. The poster is made.
d. Sherryl is going to present on Monday night.
e. ACS evaluates our club and gives us tips on what we can improve. Last year we got Commendable
3. CVS
f. All of the boxes are ready for the next groups to go out.
g. CVS needs to be reevaluated for next year. We are very crunched for time this semester. Next year, we
need to start calling schools and getting the spring semester ready over Christmas break. We can also email
letters out to schools during the summer and have the schools get in touch with us, and we could also follow
up with this with a phone call.
h. Dinner is on the 31st at 5:30. All active members can go to the dinner. You need to dress business casual.
i. Megan and Lily are going to sit at the check in table.
j. The first seminar is at 2pm and is on protein folding.
k. The second seminar, at 7pm is “Searching for a Cure for Sickle Cell Disease”. This lecture is geared
towards the general community, so it is somewhat easier to understand.
6. T Shirts
8. Next Meeting