SIUE Chemistry Club
February 08, 2008

Officers Present:
Mariellen Sydow President; Dylan Downs Vice President; Crystal Hise Treasurer; Megan Muehlenfeld Secretary;
and Daniel Banks Webmaster.

For New Members:

o Contact information

President: Mariellen Sydow (

Vice President: Dylan Downs (

Treasurer: Crystal Hise (

Secretary: Megan Muehlenfeld (

Webmaster: Daniel Banks (

Primary Advisor: Cristina DeMeo (

Secondary Advisor: Susan Wiediger (

o Join our groups in order to get more information about the club

Search siue chem club at

Search SIUE Chemistry Club on facebook

o We have a website through siue (

o When we have events, we will always post fliers in the science building, and send messages through yahoogroups and

Becoming an Official Active Member

o In order to be considered an active member, you must participate in at least 2 events/activities and attend at least one

o Active members get access to the chemistry club room which has a computer and a fridge. Mariellen will email you
when you are considered an official active member.

Activities planned for Spring 2008

o There is a Book/Bake sale Feb 11-14th from 10-2. We need help with baked goods and manning the table. If you
would like to help, contact Mariellen.

o Our annual Pentathlon is being planned. We compete against different clubs (physics, biology, pre-med, etc.) in games
such as dodgeball, ping pong, basketball, etc. It could possibly be later this month.

o The Probst Lecture will be on March 25th.

o We plan to host a school supply drive the week of April 14th. We will put out boxes for students to put school supplies
in. They will need to be new supplies, not used. We will also hang posters around the science building.

o Unfortunately, we did not get any tours planned for last semester. However, we plan on contacting Sigma Aldrich,
Anheuser Busch, Steel Mill in Granite City, and a Forensics Lab.

o April 19th is a hands on science day for all science clubs. We will be doing various activities in the basement of the
science building. More information to come!

o Every spring, we have a Spring BBQ in which professors, chemistry club members, and grad students are invited.

o Last semester, we made chem club t-shirts. If anyone is interested in making more, let us know so we can set up a

o Chemistry Club is a part of Tri City Youth. It is a program in which a few chemistry club members go to an elementary
school for an after school program. We do different demos for the kids. We go a couple times a month. Please let us
know if you are interested!

o CVS is full, however, we could always use help with restocking experiments. If anyone is interested, contact Dylan.
You could get volunteer hours through Kimmel by doing this.

We have money we can spend on the chem club room. We were thinking about buying a microwave and/or a space
heater. Any other ideas?

There are tutors needed for Chem 131 (engeneering chemistry). Contact Dr. Voss if you are interested.

Meeting times for this semester:

o We will post a poll on yahoogroups to vote on the meeting times

o We will post fliers and send reminders when we have a date and time for the next meeting.