SIUE Chemistry Club
January 23, 2009

Officers Present:
Dylan Downs, President
Lily Kyrouac, Vice President
Megan Muehlenfeld, Secretary

Advisor Present:
Dr. DeMeo
1. Being an "Active" Member
a. If you are a new member, we will send you a yahoo group request. You will get our emails through the yahoo
groups account.
b.You need to attend at least 3 events. This can include anything event we hold, such as helping with the
book/bake sale, tours, etc. Only one meeting will count towards these three events.
c. Once you are an active member, you will get the code to the door and you may use any of the supplies,
computer, or fridge in the room.
d. For anyone who is already an active member, the code for the door will change after there have been three
events this semester.

Old Business
New Business
a. The book/bake sale is scheduled for February 9th -11th
b. We will be selling chemistry books and baked goods.
c. We will be sending around a sign-up sheet if you would like to help with this.
d. Is anyone interested in helping to coordinate the book/bake sale? You would be in charge of asking professors
to donate baked goods or to donate books.
3. Tours

i. The date is not set for sure. It will be either Feb 20th or 27th. Sometime in the afternoon, around 2 or 3 pm.
ii. We will organize a car pool.
iii. There will be a sign up sheet on the door outside the chemistry club room. It will be first come first serve.
iv. There will be an email sent out before the sign up is posted.

7. T-Shirts
l. The Probst lecture will be held around the end of March and beginning of April.
m. There is one lecture in the afternoon which is really geared toward science majors.
n. There is a dinner which chemistry club members, grad students, and the chemistry department is invited to.
o. A lecture is held after the dinner which is geared towards the whole community.
4. CVS - Cougars Volunteering for Science
g. CVS is a community service project that chemistry club puts on.
h. It consists of groups of 3-4 students who go to underprivileged schools and do science demonstrations.
i. You will see flyers when CVS will be starting for this semester. If you are interested, let Dylan know. .

r. We will have a community service drive. We are still not sure how exactly we are going to do that yet.
s. One idea is to “adopt” a family who is in need and we can do a drive with canned foods and clothing. We could
also contact grade schools, etc, in the community.
x. We have forms if you would like to become an ACS student affiliate.
j. It is in March. Our representative is Cheryl. We will be making a poster for Cheryl to present.
k. We still need to look into funding for travelling expenses.
1. Book/Bake Sale
2. The Tree
e. We will be purchasing a tree for the SIUE gardens. We are unsure of when this will happen.

f. Sigma Aldrich
5.ACS National Meeting
6. Probst Lecture
p. We will be doing silk screening sometime in March.
q. If you have an idea for silk screening, please draw it and get it to us. If we get more than one idea, we will
have a vote on it.
t. All of the clubs on campus were supposed to use OrgSync online, but it has been postponed due to technical
difficulties. We will be continuing to use Yahoo groups.
8. Drive
9. OrgSync
10. BBQ/Pentathlon
11. Kaplan
12. ACS membership
9. OrgSync
u. The annual pentathlon will be sometime in April.
v. We will invite all of the science clubs and compete for the trophy!
w. We had discussed earlier last semester about having a representative from Kaplan come talk to us. We decided we
would not do that this semester because we have too many majors in the club, and it would be hard to decide which
major to focus on.
t. All of the clubs on campus were supposed to use OrgSync online, but it has been postponed due to technical
difficulties. We will be continuing to use Yahoo groups.
13. Next Meeting
y. We will make a poll for meeting times on yahoo.
z. Meetings will most likely be on Thursday or Friday.
aa. The next meeting will be on Friday, February 6th at 3:00pm.