About the biology club

The Biology Club at SIUE started in October of 2006 after some time of inactivity.  The Club serves many purposes on campus including giving students opportunities to meet others with similar interests or career goals, allowing for casual interaction between Biology faculty and students, and to provide SIUE students with a chance to participate in field trips, lectures, and other activities related to the biological sciences.


The Club is a great way to have fun, meet new people, and learn more about science in a less structured and more enjoyable environment.


Being a part of the Biology Club means that you will have opportunities to learn about areas of Biology that you otherwise might not study, to make potential future employer contacts, and to share your interests with others.  Also, the services that the Club provides to the community as well as, the membership can be listed on resumes and graduate school applications. 


Any student or faculty member at SIUE can be a member of the Biology Club and dues are only $5 annually.


Contact us if you’re interested in joining!!!

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SIUE Biology Club

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