Why Join SHRM?

A SIUE SHRM membership is separate from a National SHRM membership and requires a separate application. Thus, you can belong to:

  1. SIUE SHRM only
  2. National SHRM only
  3. Both SIUE SHRM and National SHRM
  4. Neither SIUE SHRM nor National SHRM

Both applications are available on the "Become a member" page. Currently, membership in SIUE SHRM does not have a membership fee, while National SHRM has a $35 membership fee. Please see the section below for why the National SHRM membership is worth a lot more than $35.

To become a member of SIUE SHRM, please fill out the application form available on the "Become a member" page or pick up an application form from our bulletin board located on the 3rd floor of Founders Hall outside of room 3115. Applications are inside the Information Folders or separately behind the Information Folders. Applications can be mailed to the following address:

Attn: Membership Chair
Campus Box 1100
Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
Edwardsville, IL 62026-1100

Upon receipt of your application, we will inform you of your membership status.

Benefits of Becoming a SIUE SHRM Member:

SIUE SHRM members are invited to attend multiple events throughout the semester, including speaker events during which HR professionals inform us about important topics and trends in HR, social events during which we get to know one another, and HRMA dinners through which our members meet and interact with local HR professionals.

We are also able to assist our members in obtaining internships and permanent positions through our contacts in the local area. Our executive board members receive multiple phone calls and emails per semester inquiring as to whether SIUE SHRM members are looking for internships or full time positions. Two members during the Spring 2006 semester were invited to interview with a local employer. No doubt, this benefit to SIUE SHRM members will be enhanced as our membership continues to increase.

A new benefit for our members, created in Spring of 2006 is the Resume Review Service through HRMA. HRMA members volunteer to review the resumes of SIUE SHRM members and offer enhancement and improvement suggestions. Who better to take advice from than people currently in hiring positions?

Benefits of Joining National SHRM as a Student

Criterion for Membership:

How to Apply:

Benefits of Joining National SHRM as a Professional

If you plan to use the membership to assist you in your work as an HR practitioner, SHRM recommends that you join as a regular (not student) member to gain full access to all services and benefits.

** Indicates benefits not included with student membership.